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Probably my favorite Season 3 episode!
Max_cinefilo8913 April 2008
Before this episode aired, all Seinfeld stories involved a set number of locations: Jerry's apartment, a cafè and the club where the protagonist performs as a stand-up. As of this show, however, the writers realized any place can be used to obtain a great comedy. In fact, the more unusual the spot would be for a mainstream sitcom, the better, just like in The Parking Garage.

For the entire episode, we never see the gang leave the eponymous place. The reason is laughably familiar: Kramer can't remember where he left the car. Because of this, the rest of the show is spent looking for the vehicle, which can be anywhere in the multiple-storey garage. Kramer's the one who suffers the most, since he bought a new air conditioner and insists on carrying the heavy box all the time, while Elaine gets to express her contempt for all mankind as no one agrees to give them a hand. What about Jerry and George, then? Oh, they are in a league of their own when it comes to getting out of trouble...

In ancient Greece, it was required that all tragedies be set in one place over a 24-hour period. Respecting those rules in films has always proved tricky (although the first Die Hard achieved it splendidly), while television never seemed to face any problems: Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and Deadwood were written so that most episodes would cover a single day, but then again those are drama shows, which means each episode is at least 40 minutes long. Recounting a one-day event is less common in comedies, due to the 22-minute running time, and even when such a thing occurs, there are always several locations. This episode of Seinfeld, however, succeeds in a twofold way: the story lasts an entire day, and there is no other set than the parking garage. The limited space does not decrease the fun, though: Kramer's struggle with the box is a perfect comic mechanism that never once falters, and Jerry and George being arrested for urinating in the garage is one of the show's most outrageous and rewarding stunts.

And the ending? It may have been planned differently, as mentioned on the DVD, but the version that made it onto the air is a lot better - sometimes great moments come along by accident.
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One of the best episodes of the show!
SourGreenapple4228 January 2007
This episode is so amazing, it was the first episode of the show I saw, and still remains one of my favorites. It is so dark, and gives you such a relatable feeling of being "lost", it almost borderlines being eerie in it's wicked sense of humor. The atmosphere created in this episode is remarkable, and it always keeps you on the edge wondering what will happen next. I mean, who can't relate to not being able to find your car in a parking garage, and just getting lost out of your mind? It is the ultimate episode about nothing, and to me defines the show's spirit of dark humor and relatable situations. It really is a true Seinfeld classic. You can watch it so many times and still find it enjoyable. It is a treat for all new and old fans!
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The Parking Garage is a wildly hilarious episode, that's one of my favorites,the story in this one is brilliant!
callanvass14 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*plot*. After shopping for an air conditioner, Jerry and the gang are unable to locate Kramer's car in a mall parking lot.

The Parking Garage is a wildly hilarious episode, that's one of my favorites, the story in this one is brilliant!. This one is absolutely crazy, as so many wacky and hilarious things happen, and I thought this was extremely well written, by Larry David, plus it's perfectly directed by Tom Cherones. Elaine's story in this about the dying fish, was just awesome, and I thought it was just hilarious that both Jerry and Geroge listened to Kramer's advice about peeing in the parking lot, and got arrested as a result, plus I have kind of been in that situation before, as it's awfully frustrating when you can't find your car, in a big parkade. The ending is hilarious, as the car not starting was actually non scripted, and this is wonderfully made as well, plus David Dunard is funny as the serious cop. The scene where the kid tells George he's ugly is a hoot, and this is also very creative as well, plus I loved it when George tried to spit on that expensive Mercedes!, This is a wildly hilarious episode, that's one of my favorites, the story in this one is brilliant, and if you haven't seen it please do so immediately you won't regret it!. ***** out of 5

Favorite quotes.

Jerry: I really have to go to the bathroom!. Kramer: Why don't you just go behind one of those cars. Kramer: what?, there's nobody around. Jerry: I'll wait. Kramer: You know you hold it in like that, you can cause a lot of damage, to your bladder, that's what happens to truck drivers, oh they hold it in all the time, and eventually it starts to come out involuntarily. Jerry: All right!. Kramer; Are you aware that adult diapers are a $600 million a year industry. Jerry: Maybe I should just go, anytime, I get the urge, like you, wherever I am!, There's too much urinary freedom in this society, I'm proud to hold it in it builds character.

Jerry: I'm telling you Iv'e had this condition, since I was 11 years old, Iv'e been in and out of hospitals my whole life, I have no control over it, Doctors have told me, that when I feel it, the best thing to do is just release it, otherwise I could die, do you hear what I'm saying to you, I'm telling you, that if I don't go I could die!, die!, is it worth dying for?. Secuiry guard: That's up to you. Jerry: Oh so you don't care if I die. Security guard: What I care about, is the sanitary condition of the parking facility. Jerry: Why would I do it unless I was in mortal danger, I know it's against the law. Security guard: I don't know. Jerry: Because I could get Uromysitsis poisoning and die that's why!, you think I enjoy living like this?, the shame, the humiliation, you know Iv'e been issued a public urination pass by the city, because of my condition, unfortunately my little brother, ran out of the house with it this morning, him and his friends are probably peeing all over the place.

George: Unbelievable, I'm never gonna get out of here, guy goes to pee, never comes back, it's like a science fiction story.

Jerry: All right, all right, I want to apologize,I was frightened, I said crazy things, I obviously insulted your intelligence, the Uromysitsis, the water bottle, I made all that up, and now I'm gonna tell you the truth, today my parents are celebrating there 50th, well I'm jumping ahead here 47th wedding anniversary, and we made plans to spend the evening together, They're meeting me in front of my building at 6:15, what I haven't told you or anyone else for that matter, is that my father's been in a red Chineese prison for the past 14 years.

Mother: Don't you dare talk to me like that, you hear me, I told you I don't care, You'll have to wait. George: Hey, hey, is that really necessary?. Mother: Why don't you mind your own business?. George: Well I think hitting a defenseless child is my business. Kid: You're ugly. George: What?. Kid: You're ugly!. George: You are!. Kid: You are!. George: That's what you think. Kid: That's what I know.

Elaine: Jerry!. Jerry: Elaine!. Elaine: Where have you been?. Jerry: I was arrested for urinating. George: Me too. Elaine: You what?. Jerry: I have Uromysitsis, It's very serious you know.

(Elaine talking to the two jocks). Elaine: Please we can't find our car, please just drive us around, the parking lot to find our car, my fish are dying. Jock#1: Sorry can't do it. Elaine: I can see not caring were human, but what about the fish!, the fish!. Jock#1: Sorry. Elaine: Oh that's right go home to your dumbbells, go work on your Pecs, and your Lact, were all really impressed, yeah that's right you got a problem with that!?. George: Elaine shut up.
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"We're like rats in some experiment'
SLionsCricketreviews25 November 2015
As far as I am concerned, this is the best episode so far in the series not that it is a statement of huge praise in and of itself. As I like to look at it, "The Parking Garage" is a soft remake of "The Chinese Restaurant, the second season episode that saw Jerry, George and Elaine wait an entire episode's runtime to get a seat at the titular restaurant. Here, the central location which the characters once again never leave is much larger, the invaluable Kramer who adds an entirely new dynamic to the show is not just present but the driving force of this episode and "The Parking Garage" being a third season episode, almost instantly elevates it above "The Chinese Restaurant" in spite of the influence of that episode.

I say Kramer is the driving force of the episode because it is he who lands the crew in a sticky situation after failing to remember where he parked his car and as a result, the gang in effect spend the entire episode trying to relocate the car. "We're like rats in some experiment", remarks George, and he would certainly have a point. Watching the main characters navigate a homogenous parking lot trying to find a single car leads to plenty of humour and even an intriguing sense of suspense. There is not just Elaine and her bag of fish that need to be taken home quickly but George and his parents wedding anniversary and it adds an almost comical sense of stake to the mission at hand.

"The Parking Garage" perhaps might not be one of the absolute funniest episodes in the series but it executes on its intentions very well. I find it a lot more entertaining than the earlier "The Chinese Restaurant" despite both admiration and enjoyment of that episode. Kramer adds such a great dynamic and he as the driving force behind this mayhem is perfect because it is just he who is most likely to do something as pathetic as forgetting where he parked. It's also an episode with more stakes that adds a weird and effective sense of suspense to the proceedings (in "The Chinese Restaurant" it was just getting a table in time to see the film, here it's Elaine's finish and George needing to get home for his parents anniversary dinner) and a much greater sense of scope. Situating the episode in a broader environment like a parking garage leads to more effective and opportune moments of humour and this episode utilizes it very well.

"The Parking Garage" is a highly effective and cleverly written episode. It surpasses "The Chinese Restaurant", in my humble opinion, in every department bar the influence of the episode and the addition of Kramer, a greater sense of space and the fact that this is a third season episode elevate it as far as I am concerned.
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"Everything looks the same!"
juanmaffeo6 June 2016
The Parking Garage has one of the best ideas in the entire series. I always think of it as the sequel to The Chinese Restaurant: a bottle episode about a situation EVERYONE can relate. Just like The Chinese Restaurant, The Parking Garage has short gags about this situation in itself. Some of them work (double space park-er, nobody wants to drive them around) and some don't (urination). In my opinion, this episode has a much richer central idea than its "prequel". Because every parking garage is the same no matter where you go, while the restaurant situation is more uncommon.

Nevertheless, no matter how good the idea on paper may be, the script must be on the same level. And here it's not. The jokes aren't that funny, the episode has a slow-languid pace which may symbolize the feeling of being in that situation but on reality it just makes the episode quite tedious. On the much better episode The Chinese Restaurant the pace is much faster and there are more interesting and funny things going on which justifies the length of the episode. On this case, the length really drags and it feels like the writers are trying to stretch an idea into a 20 min episode.

In conclusion, this episode is great on paper (not script) and you will always recall it in a similar situation, but as a whole it's not quite up there with the Seinfeld classics.
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Lost and Micturition.
Antoine_Bugleboy17 December 2006
Single Favorite Line: (Kramer) "Jerry, are you aware that, adult diapers are a $600,000,000-a-year Industry?"

Notable Guest Stars:David Dunard (Security Guard), Adam Wylie (Kid / Brat)

Memorable Exchange: (all four looking for car) Elaine: "Well, I'm sure it's right around here" - Kramer: "Yeh, yeah, looks familiar --I remember the elevator..." - George: "There's elevators all OVER --everything looks the same!..We're like rats in some experiment!!" - Jerry: "There it is, it's over there!" (they all walk to where it isn't)

Key Topics: *Forgotten Parking Spots *Urination *Thrift *Unfriendliness *Scientology

Part I Didn't Like: The security guards seeming omniscience about when people are on the verge of losing control of their bladder.

Extra Nice Touch: Richards (Kramer) is carrying a real - and really heavy- air conditioner, throughout the episode, and it shows...adding to this weak episode his saving grace --the patented Kramer pratfalls.

4 of 10 - more dead than alive
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