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Joan Allen with Jewel on Saturday Night Live
tavm21 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Bob Livingston (Will Ferrell) is taking down Newt Gingrich's desk sign and putting his own as the new Speaker of the House (not for long, however!). Gingrich (Chris Parnell) has come to pack his things which Livingston has already done. Bill Clinton (Darell Hammond) has come along as Livingston leaves and Bill and Newt sing about how it won't be the same without the other despite the fighting! Hammond and Parnell sing, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" By the way, before he leaves, Ferrell as Livingston mentions the possibility of George W. Bush coming to the White House not knowing he will portray him two years later! During the monologue, Joan Allen mentions being in the Steppenwolf theater with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich when Ferrell with long hair steps from the audience to praise Steppenwolf the musical group and proceeds to sing, "Born to Be Wild"! He then goes on stage as he and Allen sing, "Magic Carpet Ride"! In Martha Stewart Living, Stewart (Ana Gasteyer) has her mom (Allen) as a guest as they argue ever so anal retentively about whether or not it snowed one Thanksgiving day! Next, we have the VH1 Spirtual Awards with Andy Dick (Chris Kattan) who keeps wondering if he's gay. It ends with Courtney Love (Molly Shannon) presenting Madonna (Allen) with the Mahatma Ghandi award as they spoof their fight during the MTV Video awards with Madonna saying, "I'm here to bring nirvana, not break it up!" In a courthouse in Utica, Miss., we see prosecutor Suel Forrester (Kattan) get a confession from witness John Goodman about a murder despite constantly speaking gibberish! He then says clearly, "I rest my case!" On Space, the Infinite Frontier, Harry Carey (Ferrell) asks NASA worker Linda Ham (Allen) about John Glenn's recent space shuttle mission but not before Ham asks, "Didn't you just die?" (the real Carey did indeed die several days before), which Carey answers, "Yes, I did!" He then goes talking about once naming a sandwich with ham Linda and asks about spending time with her on a shuttle, which she politely refuses. On Weekend Update with Colin Quinn, the top story is Clinton agreeing to pay Paula Jones which causes Quinn to comment, "I haven't seen a hillbilly get paid this much since Buddy Ebson was out hunting for some food!" The Supreme Court reverses their decision to award O. J. Simpson custody of kids after Simpson supposedly said to them, "Don't make me get my knife!" Then at the end is an unfunny commentary by Collete Reardon (Cheri Oteri) about painless drugs. Jewell sings, "Hands" for her first set. On Learning with Jennifer Tilly (Oteri), she asks Allen about her role in Pleasantville, "So how does it feel to be colored?" after Allen explains about being in black and white and then colorized later on. Tilly then convinces French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon) to pay her parking tickets as sketch ends! Then we have a wonderful surreal skit about four Southern women talking about how everything is "nice" in New York, even the rat on Molly Shannon's shoulders! Jewel then sings, "Down So Long". Finally, there's Tarmac Talk with Allen and Tim Meadows as husband and wife hosts for the first episode of a talk show in an airplane tarmac! Jerry Seinfeld (Fallon) is first guest who asks, "Are you people crazy?" as the air from the planes cause all three to be blown off! (Meadows is hanging for dear life on a prop pole during this sequence!) Mostly funny show with Ferrell especially in fine form here. Worth seeing if you're a die-hard SNL fan.
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