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Nobody ever watched Fred Sanford for subtle humor
calcaylor21 June 2016
At least no one should. I sure don't. And I am never disappointed.

This is a better than average episode in which Fred, Lamont and Bubba attend a taping of the Gong show. Not surprisingly, their attendance is anything but normal and Fred creates mayhem just finding their seats, violating most rules of decorum to successful comedic effect. And,as the Law of Sitcoms states, their visit inspires them to put together an act and get it on to the show.

After attending, Fred figures he could use the $516.32 prize money, reportedly the Screen Actors Guild's minimum pay for a day's work at the time. Unsure of their chances, Fred wonders if his brother-in-law Rodney's help as a stand up comedian will make the act strong enough. While Rodney readily agrees, he has his own agenda.

On the Gong show sound stage, Fred once again acts up and rounds out the episode with laughs including confiscating the padded sticks so the judges can't ring the gong. Don Bexley (Bubba) shows off his soft-shoe skills.

Chuck Barris DOES make an appearance is in the episode albeit just a straight part and about 4-5 lines. The judges have virtually no lines which is probably why they didn't have more recognizable names doing the judging.
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The Gong Show episode
kevin olzak26 November 2016
"Sanford and Gong" centers on the recent phenomenon called THE GONG SHOW, hosted by NEWLYWED GAME/DATING GAME producer/creator Chuck Barris, six months on the air at the time of this broadcast. Barris offers Lamont four tickets for he and his father to attend a taping of THE GONG SHOW, which doesn't go well with Fred commenting from the audience. Now determined to become a contestant, he enlists white brother-in-law Rodney Victor (Allen Drake, his third and final appearance) to join Sanford and Son in a musical trio, Fred singing, Lamont on drums (Demond Wilson has a ball!). Barris approves the act to appear, but with his own act as 'Raymond C. Gordon' due to be on the same show Rodney feigns an injury so that Bubba becomes his tap dancing replacement. For those unfamiliar with this oddball show, there was a 1980 feature, "The Gong Show Movie," that highlighted sketches too risqué for television.
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Great cross-over episode!
hockeytown1121 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So as a gift, Lamont gets Fred four tickets to attend the taping of an episode of "The Gong Show". Upon arrival, Fred makes others in the audience move around so all of them (he, Lamont, Bubba, and Donna) can be together (some take it in good grace, but one overweight guy wasn't happy about being sent away). Once the show started (which ran slightly different from a normal taping), Fred makes a scene showing his opinions about some acts (Bubba laughs along with him, but Donna and Lamont kept trying to shush him.) Upon returning, Lamont's anger at Fred subsides, and Fred decides he's going to do an act with Lamont and his brother in law Rodney. The audition goes well, but then it appears Rodney has his own act, where he's an opera singer named Raymond C Gordon. He makes the cut for the show but also finds out he's on the same show as Fred and Lamont, so he must feign injury to get out of the act to do his own. Fred then gets Bubba to fill in, and end up in the lead (not before Fred throws the gong mallets off the judges stands to prevent being gonged), then Rodney/Raymond is up and does his act, only to have Fred himself gong him out. Rodney ends up sick for real from his singing, so part of their winnings go towards his doctors bills, and they also found out he went in on his own to win the whole prize to pay off a bookie. Great episode indeed, though.
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Check Out Those Guest Star Panelists!
richard.fuller118 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The only other show I know of that had the stars of the show go on the Gong Show was on "What's Happening?" The guest stars there, at least I recognized. Barbara Rhoades, Wolfman Jack and Kene Holliday.

Chuck Barris didn't appear in this episode tho.

Here on Sanford and Son, we have Bob Goldstein, Al Hansen and Tracee Lyles.

Wow! Big names! Well, the original Gong show didn't have that outstanding of Judges either, but at least you could recognize them.

I looked up our panelists here.

Goldstein's greatest claim to fame at this time must have been as a waiter in "The Sunshine Boys".

Tracee Lyles played hookers in movies, it seems. Bit parts again.

Al Hansen had a bit more going for him. Worked as a stunt diver in 1954's "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" and made it all the way to Waynes World as 'Bad Actor'.

I've always gotten a kick out of someone appearing on a show as a special guest star and they have nothing going for them as such.
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