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The show really went 'out there' with this one!
Foreverisacastironmess17 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In this adventure, a parody of sorts of Alice in Wonderland, Jack has to wash his gear following a battle with a ferocious robot slug monster in a filthy swamp, and while enjoying a nice refreshing swim after a waterfall shower, he has his clothes and sword stolen by what at first appears to be a little white rabbit which he chases into a hole and stumbles down into a strange subterranean kind of elven kingdom where things start to get very odd very fast! This episode does such a great job of standing out from the rest in the series and has a distinctive surrealistic stamp written all over it, from the visuals and colour tones of the trippy mushroom house land where everything feels so alien and just 'off' somewhere, but in a good way, to the British accents of the diminutive inhabitants of the rabbit hole, and especially the breezy little music score which drives along the quick-paced story so smoothly. I love it, the offbeat theme of this episode greatly appeals to me. It's so spot on with what it's trying to be and the mood that it's trying to convey, at least to me it sure does. The weirdness reaches its height with the appearance of a pink-coated elephant ballerina fairy thing, that hovers about for a moment before it stops and gives Jack a certain enigmatic quick look before it magically vanishes. Now the meaning of that little guy is anybody's guess! Such a brilliant little uncanny touch though... My favourite part is when Jack struggles to steer and then crashes the cool toy-like mechanical centipede monorail and the wonderful and strangely retro sounds that it makes. This joyfully quirky and offbeat adventure is one of my favourite episodes, it's one of those stories that showed that this series could be just as fun and awesome with any number of different tones, and it takes you on such a great little ride and I love how nuts it is! Great watch x
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