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For the James Bond Fan -- A Fleming-style Adventure
reprtr15 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Saint may not have been budgeted like Eon Productions' James Bond movies, but toward the later part of the series it seemed like Roger Moore's suave adventurer/hero was immersed in the kind of stories that Ian Fleming could have written as novels or short stories. "The Organisation Man" is one of the best of them, a crackerjack thriller of a story in which Simon Templar infiltrates a private army being organized for some nefarious purpose by a man far less scrupulous than the "notorious" Templar. Without giving away too much, there's vital secret information involved, a very important compromised spy, and lots of characters acting out various levels of paranoia and desperation concerning their respective careers and goals. A James Bond movie (or story) would have had more violence and sex, but there are some interesting sparks, of the cold, admiring kind, visible here in the latter department between Roger Moore and female lead Caroline Mortimer.
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