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One Final Goodbye to our favorite blue-collar family....
bujinbudoka1 May 2006
This was the final part of the final 2 part episode of perhaps one of the greatest sitcoms on television ever. This ties everything throughout the series we've seen so far, and tells the truth of many different situations at once. For instance, who the kids were married to, who was actually gay, and did Roseanne really win the lottery? I don't know, you'll have to wait and see it. But the end will leave you in tears, it was as good as any movie climax I've ever seen, and all I can say is from the realistic stand-point, it was the best way to end the series.

From dreams to flights of fancy, this series as a whole deserves a ten, but this episode itself is a ten from the get-go. Hope you like it if you get to see it.
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An interesting way to end a VERY interesting show.
jmclaughlin8214 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The final season of Roseanne was a roller coaster ride of crazy. This final episode does just what a previous comment says, it tells us that as much as we might have thought we knew the characters we did not. Roseanne reaches back to season one, and tells us that this show has been her rendition of her life. She says in this final episode that she changed events and people as she sees fit. Scott was not really with Leon, but he existed. Mark and David married opposite wives in real life, and Dan died when she made him live. As events happened in her life, she changed them in her writing. Don't we all wish we could do that. Don't we all have a moment in time that we wish we could just use an eraser and change to our liking. This is what she did with the entire episode. And to another comment I would say that I don't feel cheated, the family was real in my mind, she just changed the way that events happened in their lives. An A+ ending to an A+ show!!!!
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MCL11507 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Let's see. In the "St. Elsewhere" finale we found out that there was no hospital and that every thing had been in the mind of an autistic child. "Newhart" ended by telling us that it had all been a dream. And "Roseanne" ended by telling us that it all had taken place in her mind. Very "creative". Annoying was more like it. Yes, it was just a TV show and wasn't at all reality. It's just that when you get caught up in a great movie or TV show you end up at least wanting to believe that it's all "real". At least as far as the reality it portrays on screen. This type of series finale had been done twice before and was old hat, frustrating and simply not fun to watch. Now "Newhart" being all a dream? At least done in a creative way that far exceeded the expectations of anyone who loved the show. The idea itself was not too engaging but it was so brilliantly done that its arguably the Best Series Finale Ever. Roseanne left me feeling cheated after being such a loyal fan.
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mixed feelings
skipperjlw24 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely LOVE this show but the last season got a little too odd! Going to photo shoots, partying with well-to-do's.... before I even saw the last show of the season I knew something was weird. Its a little too cheesy and dream-like, sometimes making it difficult to sit thru a whole episode. Becky had been dating Mark since the 2nd season then, suddenly, 7 seasons later Mark married Darlene... makes no sense! In the end Jackie is a lesbian but if you watched the show as fanatically as I do you would agree that doesn't make much sense either. I understand wanting to go 'out with a bang' but the ending really didn't match the characters personalities. Are we to be left believing that we didn't know any of these characters for the prior 8 seasons? Or was it meant to stump you about the last season without thought about the prior 8 seasons? Although it was sad to see Dan died in the end, I thought it was a good twist at the end and nice to see that he really didn't cheat on Roseanne. So far I have every season that has been released to purchase but I think I will complete my collection at the 8th season.
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Excellent storytelling
bvbowes29 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Pace is everything with Roseanne. She is a person that hates a premeditated presumed rehearsed life, no matter what the consequences are, which is so refreshing. I'm so tired of living in silos made up by the Jones family next door. As pedantic as this show was it was their story, not the story it was supposed to be according to society, that was always the lesson with this show; be yourself. Everything from season 1 felt like a good story and now we see why. It was all a fabrication of her broken robbed heart. I really liked this ending, more so for the actors than for me. There is nothing worse than saying goodbye and this was a story ending that no one had to say goodbye but just accept life and see what the next day day gives, no matter how sad, unscripted, and powerless to change. Seeing a woman powerless to roll back time on that couch, on that last scene was a picture of defeat and acceptance. Another story of never having the life we dreamed of when young but never given in to being anything except our genuine self. Refreshing, sad, and regretful yet somehow powerful at the same time. I liked it!
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Good, But confusing
liljmx7516 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The season finale sent mix messages, I felt feelings of joy, and also feelings of being lied to and deceived. Roseanne tells all her viewers that the entire season nine was a lie because her husband, Dan, had died. She also admits the family never won the lottery, and what season 9 was a lie just being how she wished or wanted it to be. I'm still confused about when she said Becky ended up with David, and Darlene with Mark because Becky and Mark admit to being pregnant. So I believe that is just how she wanted it to be, but it wasn't. So the season finale was good, but sent mixed feelings. I will always be a fan of the show. :)
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Into That Good Night: Part 2 (#9.24)
ComedyFan201016 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The whole family meets the little baby. Roseanne and Darlene have a talk and straighten out that Roseanne doesn't want her to move out. And then we find out that this sitcom was Roseanne's book dealing with Dan's death from a heart attack. In reality it is Jackie who is gay and not Bev. Leon isn't with Scott. And Becky married David while Darlene married Mark. Roseanne just wrote it the way she thought it should be. Of course the big lottery win also never happened.

Well this is an interesting ending and I don't hate it as much as many others do but I am not too happy either. It would have been better if just the last season was Roseanne's imagination. Her changing the characters we got to know is not such a great idea. And to be honest it would made more sense for Becky to be with David since they are both the educated kind and Darlene be with Mark since she is a dark rebellious type. The ending was both beautiful and yet a bit disappointing.
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