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An escape outlaw heads to an unwanted home.
kfo94946 November 2015
An older respectable couple that lives in North Fork, Mr and Mrs Avery, has a secret that they do not what anyone to know. A notorious outlaw named Brud Evans happens to be their son and they have changed their last name so people will not ask questions. But when the outlaw breaks out of custody, he makes his way to North Fork for the purpose of forcing his parent to hid him from the law. And to make matters worse, at the beginning o this story, he kills a local teenager all for the purpose of stealing his horse. And with tales out that Brud had escape custody, word gets out that Brud may be in the area. The Avery's are uncomfortable that someone will link them to the outlaw.

Sure enough, when the Avery's arrive home their unwanted son is inside their house. The couple is forced to let Brud stay even though they wanted to never see their son again. When Mark rides out to the Avery place, he is confronted by the outlaw. Brud lets Mark go with the threat of killing him and the Avery's if he tells anyone.

This turns out to be a rather unnerving episode as within the first five minutes we have a teenager killed and are compelled to meet the grieving father. A violent start to a well written script. With some excellent acting from the older couple, Chubby Johnson and Ellen Corby, you felt right in the middle of the story. An interesting tale that was entertaining to the very end.
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