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Lucas faces a tough decision involving a wanted outlaw
kfo949427 July 2013
When an outlaw, with a calling card of fancy guns, is apprehended by Micah it begins a set of situations that will lead to a dilemma for the town of North Fork.

Brett Stocker (Vic Morrow) is the outlaw that is now inside the jail house. With Micah on his way to see the territorial Marshal, he deputizes Lucas to guard the town during his absents.

But before Micah can make the trip he has been captured by friends of outlaw and being held as a hostage till the release of Stocker. Lucas and the town has a dilemma, either release the prisoner or face the death of Micah.

Vic Morrow does an excellent job of playing the wanted outlaw and the acting comes across well on the screen. The plot was interesting and the script well written. Nice watch.
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Vic Morrow Plays a Killer
gordonl567 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
THE RIFLEMAN – Letter of the Law - 1959

This is the 50th episode from the 1958 to 1963 western series, THE RIFLEMAN. Over the course of 168 episodes we follow the life of Lucas McCain and his son, Mark. They have moved to the small western town of North Fork where they hope to start a new life. Chuck Connors headlines the series with Johnny Crawford as his son. Connors is a world class hand with a Winchester rifle which of course ends up getting him in no end of trouble.

North Fork Sheriff, Paul Fix collars wanted gunman, Vic Morrow. Morrow is wanted on numerous warrants for robbery and murder. He locks the gunslinger up in jail and sends out telegraph messages that he has captured Morrow. He is to hold the man till the proper authorities can collect him.

Unknown to Fix, however, is that Morrow's gang has seen the arrest. They plan on freeing their boss. Fix rides out to Chuck Connors ranch and asks Connors to help guard the man. Connors agrees and tells Fix he will join him in town in an hour. Fix rides off back to North Fork. He does not get far as Morrow's bunch, Ken Lynch, John Goddard and Paul Carr bushwhack him and put the bag on him.

Connors hits North Fork and takes up his spot in the jail. Several hours later everyone wonders where the hell Fix has gotten to. One of Morrow's boys rides by and tosses a rock with a note attached, into the jail. It strongly suggests that they release Morrow or Fix will eat a bullet.

Connors talks the note over with several of the town's higher ups, about what to do. It is soon agreed that they must let Morrow go. This Connors does, but he keeps Morrow's fancy set of six-guns. This does not make Morrow happy. He will return to get the weapons he sneers at Connors.

Back at the camp where Fix is being held, an argument between gang members allows Fix to make a break for the hills. He gets away but collects a round in his shoulder.

That evening, the less than amused Morrow, returns with Ken Lynch to reclaim his guns. They break into the Sheriff's office where Connors is waiting in the dark. Guns are used and the bad types are soon ready to be pushing up some daisies. The wounded Fix is bandaged up by the local doc and will soon be ready to resume his duties.

A smooth running episode with Joseph H Lewis again at the directing controls.
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