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Early Dan Blocker
gordonl5612 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
THE RESTLESS GUN "Man and Boy' 1957

This is 10th episode of the 78 episode run of the John Payne western series, THE RESTLESS GUN. The series followed the trail of fast gun, Vint Bonner, (Payne) as he travelled the American west.

In this episode, Payne hits a small town to have a shoe replaced on his horse. The blacksmith tells him about a robbery of the stage office the night before. The blacksmith, Dan Blocker tells Payne that the robber had killed one man, and badly wounded another before riding off into the dark.

Payne happens to know the town Sheriff, Emile Meyer. He offers to help catch the killer. Meyer however is rather reluctant to gather up a posse. He has plenty of excuses to avoid the pursuit. Payne decides to chase after the killer anyways. Meyer now does go along with the chase.

The trail is easy to follow as the killer's horse has a deep mark on one of its horseshoes. There is also a bit of blood to follow. It seems that one of the stage office men had managed to get off a shot before he was killed.

The further they follow the trail, the more worried Sheriff Meyer becomes. He finally spills that he thinks the killer might be his son, Martin Braddock. Braddock was in deep with some gamblers and needed cash. They finally corner the killer in an abandoned cabin. Meyer is forced to kill the man when the killer gets the drop on Payne. It turns out that the bandit is not his son.

Not really a barn-burner suspense or action wise. But, it is still always interesting to see Dan Blocker in a pre-BONANZA role.

The director was b film hand, Edward Ludwig. Ludwig is best known for a trio of John Wayne films he directed, THE FIGHTING SEABEES, WAKE OF THE RED WITCH and BIG JIM McLAIN. The d of p was Republic Studios regular, Bud Thackery.
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