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  • Nick was not invited to his country club's debutante ball. He signs Rose up to prove a point to the rich snobs. But she is depressed and going through a phase (Spasskism). The Foley household must give her a crash course in etiquette.


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  • Rose has become very depressed and very involved Nick forces Rose to be part of a debutante ball his country club is hosting. He feels that she is spending too much time with her new found religion "spatzkism", and that this will get her out of her shell. Resistant at first she soons finds herself smitten with another member,Matthew Taylor.She strikes up a relationship with him even though he is dating nemises Amy Hillerman. Matthew however is only in this relationship to use her. She overhears a revealing conversation and discovers she is being used. Upset she drops out of the ball all together and puts herself deeper into her religion. Nick and the girls don't take this lying down and soon get even with Matthew at a very prestigious event at the Taylor Estate,causing all of the guests to go "ape".

    Rose is suffering a breakdown and tries to run away but Nick confronts her.A dark secret comes out about Rose's mother, and Nick has to help Rose deal with the emotions she's facing over her loss. Rose decides to go through with the Debutante ball after all. Diane helps her redesign her gown and in the end Rose comes out of the ordeal stronger than ever and back to her old self.

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