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Great start for the final season!
PoisonKeyblade24 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Episode 501 "This is where I live! This is who I am!" ~Brian

This was seriously a great start for season five, and the ending was just one big shocker. I'm still obsessed with the Rage plot line, and just the thought of a movie being made was, I suppose, just a little too good to be true. Babylon being shut down was a huge shocker, just as much of a shocker as it was to learn that Brian was going to invest his money to reopen the place. I loved the way this season opened. It reminded me so much of the way that season one started, with everyone having a great time at Babylon and things quickly taking turns for the worse in everyone's lives. The contrast from Babylon to Hollywood was really interesting and very well-done. This episode was also host to a plethora of interestingly-shot sequences and had plenty of stuff going on to keep things interesting. I can't believe I'm finally on the last season of Queer as Folk. I just hope this season isn't as bad as what I've been hearing!
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Episode #5.1
ComedyFan201016 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Not a very interesting episode. The whole thing about Rage and Justin being in LA didn't interest me even a little bit. So I am kind of happy that this is finally over.

Emmett, Ted and Debbie provided some fun moments but their stories were also not exciting.

I did suspect that Brian will end up owning Babylon after he got the bath house. We'll see what happens with it.

The one good story is Lindsay and Mel. Great acting, I feel very bad for Mel. Especially since Michael is now complaining about his daughter. Funny, so he also knows what an "ideal family" is.

Was sad to see Ben and Michael looking for a new place. It is sad when people decide that they are all grown up and it is time to become boring. I loved Brian speech on it at the end
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