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  • Zach Braff's Scrubs-co-star Faison lures him to a parking lot where his $100,000 Bentley is sprayed by knaves, one of which is caught but protests his innocence and invokes exemption as a minor. 'Ron Pinkston' supposedly kidnaps a baby by driving away with his verbally abusive 'aunt' Julia's car, after which Serena Williams eagerly sides with her. Chris Elwood plays the 'unfaithful' boyfriend of Zoe Saldana's friend, finding Zoe excessively hostile in the name of loyalty.


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  • Zach Braff, star of NBC's quirky medical comedy Scrubs (2001-present), is the unwitting target in this disturbing episode of Punk'd. A 12 year old actor is hired to vandalize Braff's new car with spraypaint while he's shopping in a liquor store. He exits the building and sees that a kid has just spraypainted his car. The young boy attempts to flee which is where this prank takes an ugly turn. According to Ashton Kutcher, Braff caught the kid and began punching him in the stomach and screaming obscenities at him. He calmed down enough to stop the physical attack when other people come to the scene, but he continued verbally assaulting him, bending down an inch from the kid's face calling him a 'f***ing bastard' amongst other obscene terms while repeatedly assuring the kid that he's going to jail since his car is worth over a hundred thousand dollars.

    The visibly terrified young boy was finally revealed to be an actor and the spraypaint phony when Kutcher decided to intervene (a bit too late, if you ask me) and make it known to Braff that he'd just been Punk'd. Braff's psychotic rage was quickly replaced by a lighthearted amusement, and he quipped "I can't believe I nearly beat up a five-year old on national tv". When the episode aired, the physical assault was edited out leaving only footage of the verbal abuse, which nonetheless disgusted many viewers. Kutcher himself confirmed to the press that there indeed had been punches thrown, outraging viewers even more.

    In an attempt to salvage his reputation, Braff stated in an interview on Conan O'Brien that it was too dark to tell that the hooded vandal was just a kid, but this was contradicted by the video footage which showed the lighting was in fact adequate enough to see the person's age, not to mention the extreme height difference between him and the boy.

    Since it's debut in 2003, Punk'd has managed to bring out the true colors of many celebrities...and Zach Braff's definitely ain't pretty!

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