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Carl Zaun, a zealous anti-nuclear scientist leading a cadre of steely commandos, capture a banquet room full of Washington D.C. brass, and vow to kill them unless the President agrees to meet their demands to ban nuclear weapons. Sam tries to negotiate when they take her hostage as well. While Bailey, Cooper and John debate what to do, Zaun and a few surviving terrorists escape and are cornered in an airplane hanger, where a desperate Sam tries to "profile" the anguished scientist, hoping to find a common bond that might save both their lives. In the meantime, Bailey learns that his estranged, 17-year-old daughter, Francis, has ran away from the home of his ex-wife in Baltimore and lands in jail for robbery. Also, when a nun of the orphanage that Jack of All Trades formerly resided at, recognizes him one day in a store from the scent of his special aftershave, he stalks and kills her.

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