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Men Without Women - Synopsis
christopher young3 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In the final episode of Series Fletcher offers his services to his fellow cons by drafting them a letter to their respective spouses to remind them not to stray while they are inside. Meanwhile Fletch has hatched a plot to make everyone believe his own wife has strayed in order to con the authorities into giving him some compassionate leave. Not the best Episode from the series but by no means the worst. Hilarious to see Fletch turn Agony Aunt and then act all shocked when his Daughter, Ingrid, turns up with 'bad news' which turns out to be a great scam so Fletcher can spend some time with his Lady. Once again great performances from the cast which do make this another classic episode of Porridge.
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Men Without Women
Prismark1018 May 2017
Prisoner Bunny Warren seeks Fletcher's help, mainly for the reason he cannot read and wants Fletcher to read out his wife's letter. Many of the prisoners who are inside have doubts regarding how faithful their wives might me. The only exception being Lukewarm's other half, he is wondering what Lukewarm is up to in a prison with 500 men.

Fletcher helps write letters to the prisoner's wives imploring them not to stray. When it comes to visiting the day, the wives find out that they have all received similar letters.

Fletcher has never doubted his wife but is shocked to discover when only his daughter Ingrid comes to visit and she drops a bombshell that Fletcher's other half is seeing another man.

Fletcher is so distraught that Barrowclough suggests that he is given weekend parole for 48 hours in order to repair his marriage.

Fletcher returns to London and it turns out it was all a ploy to spend time with his family and watch Spurs play at home.

No Godber in this episode. Fletcher has fun trying to wind up Mackay. On the other hand when Fletcher has a little chat with Barrowclough he discovers that there are times Barrowclough feels he rather be in prison than be at home.
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