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  • While sitting up in the stands Brooke watches her squad practice, and to see if anyone notices she is up there, she meets Adam, the new kid in school. After practice Brooke brings Adam to the Novack to meet the rest of the squad telling them about his dream to become a cheerleader. This makes Mary Cherry uncomfortable, being a Christian and all, with a man's hairy hands touching her spongy places lifting her buttocks upwards. Nicole is quick to veto it, reminding the girls of the Carmen debacle. At home Brooke tells her family about the treatment Adam received from the girls, prompting Sam to do an expose on him, and that she want's to become the new Chick Power Girl. The next day at school Adam is quick to weave his web, befriending Brooke, and working his magic on Nicole. He boosts Brooke's confidence about becoming the next Chick Power Girl, which Sam is also entered into by Carmen unknown to her. When the call comes in Sam is the one that wins the contest, upsetting Brooke. Harrison and Lily are suspicious of Adam with his contradicting stories that he has told others. Mary Cherry is next on Adam's list who knows her history, having been in a play, Up With People. Mary Cherry dramatically begs him not to tell anyone about it, as her taunts her, she smacks him making out with him in the Novack. Adam visits Poppy next telling her that he knows of her secret, she is International Chapter Presdient of the Hanson Fan Club. Poppy breaks down not being unable to shake her Hanson addiction asking for help. Both Mary and Poppy try to sway Nicole to change her decision about letting Adam on the team, which she isn't ready to do since Brooke is still on the squad. There is a change in the Pep Rally schedule which Adam says he will let Brooke know in their next class. Meanwhile Brooke confronts Carmen as she passes her in the hall upset over the Power Girl thing and telling Carmen that she got the memo, she and Josh are dating. Carmen knocks Brooke down a few pegs. Brooke runs into the Novack crying, she ignores Nicole who is also in there going into a stall to cry. At the Pep Rally Adam suggests that Brooke may be on drugs, being late, when she arrives she informs them that she did not know of the change. Mrs Ross decides to search her finding a bong in her bag getting her kicked off the squad. Harrison and Lily try to investigate Adam Rothchild finding nothing, needing Sam's help. Getting what she wants, the squad, she introduces their very first Manazon, Adam. After a difficult routine choreographed by Adam, Nicole dispenses the girls to talk with Adam, who wants her to retire as captain revealing her fat farm records. Brooke tells Sam she was set up, by Adam, which Sam doesn't believe. Carmen feels horrible for Brooke when she finds out that she has a job selling pretzels, becoming teen trash. Nicole confronts Mary and Poppy to find out what Adam has on them. Poppy suggests that they need to get the goods on him, which Mary Cherry knows that he keeps his wallet in his locker. It's time for Angels Part Deux, the girls try to break into Adam's locker, as he comes back it is Nicole this time to intercepts him sliding down the hall into him, coughing to cover up Mary's hammering on the lock getting his wallet. They team with Lily and Harrison when they find multiple ID's which Mary Cherry deciphers to the theme of Wonder Woman, discovering his real name is Billy-Bob Smelt, getting the Vapors, her brain not use to working so hard. Not knowing what to next Sam steps in to help search records, all his information leading no where, all except for a receipt in his wallet that points to possible locations. Mary figures out that he is from Tupalo flying there to find his original criminal impulse. Nicole goes to Brooke to help them out, telling her she'd rather crawl threw glass then see her sell pretzels and apologizing again to Brooke for sleeping with Josh, being a bitch, telling Brooke she inspires her to do good. Nicole meets with Adam so Brooke can snap pictures of him for Mary to take with her. Also Sam's reign as Chick Power Girl quickly comes to an end when the magazine folds. Mary finally returns back to Kennedy with the first building block in their exorcise Adam quest, the original Adam victim, Wanda Rickets, who is wearing a straight jacket after escaping from the sanitarium. Brooke tries to get information from Wanda, who calls Brooke pretty. Mary threatens to get out her car battery getting Wanda to tell her story. She was much like Brooke, popular, head of the cheer leading squad, being framed for drugs, not knowing his motive. Adam walks in explaining why he did what he did to Wanda and them, being trailer trash, and people like Wanda wouldn't let him forget it. Everyday at school he'd say hi to her, when she finally spoke back snapping at him, calling him trailer trash. Mary and Nicole want revenge, which Brooke says no to, because they are all guilty of wanting to reinvent themselves. Adam decides to turn himself which Nicole decides to go along with him, saving him saying it was another student who planted the bong, who was already caught with drugs clearing Brooke. When Adam asks her why she did that she tells him its because she owns his ass now. Sam, Brooke, Poppy, Wanda, Lily, Harrison and Mary all sit outside eating pie, all except Mary, when Lily realizes it is the first time the two different groups have sat and ate pie together. Brooke decides to commemorate the day by taking pictures of them all.

  • A new male student sets out to join the cheer leading squad. Meanwhile Sam bests Brooke in a modeling competition.


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