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Good script
This episode is not an exceptional one among the series. Two cops investigate around several murders. Nothing special. And beside this, you have the usual but so well made the private lives of those same cops, their private affairs, especially Bill Shatner. He is very poignant and convincing here and you have a very touching element in this tale. I can't explain exactly what, I prefer let you see by yourself. I can't tell you anything more unless to spoil the story. Good screenplay and good acting.

The ending doesn't look like a POLICE STORY one, if you compare with the others.
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A marriage that certainly is NOT made in Heaven!
MartinHafer1 October 2017
This installment of "Police Story" has a very unusual cast...not just the number of stars but the types of actors and actresses in the show. It stars William Shatner, Michael Learned, Dean Stockwell, Aldo Ray, John Russell and Larry Storch.

The show begins with Sergeant Keitlinger (Shatner) and Detective Giacino (Stockwell) investigating yet another bludgeoning death of a wino. This makes three so far...and more are sure to come.

On top of this, Mrs. Keitlinger is showing signs that she's in trouble. She's beginning to drink more and it might be because she is lonely and her husband overworks. Is she an alcoholic...or a woman crying out for help...or both?! As for the Sergeant, he isn't exactly supportive...in fact, he's anything but. In fact, he's so absorbed by his job that he seems one step away from cracking up as well.

One way that "Police Story" is a great police show is that unlike most cop shows (then as well as now), the emotional toll of the job on the cops as well as their families is often discussed. This story shows two people who are hurting and self-destructive...part of the emotional toll the job sometimes takes on everyone. Now this isn't to say it's a great episode (Shatner tends to over-emote at times). It's well worth seeing, though some might object to the very, very vague ending....and you wonder what will happen next.

By the way, if you watch this one, get a load of Dean Stockwell's haircut! Wow...it's something to behold. I can only assume he was cutting himself...in the dark.
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