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Well made, as usual...but also rather sad.
MartinHafer14 April 2017
Tatum (Ed Asner) has been a cop for decades and so it's not surprising they'd team him up with rookies so he can teach them the ropes. The problem is that his newest partner, Bentley (David Huffman) is a serious problem. Bentley is a know-it-all who doesn't see much value in Tatum's years of experience. He just sees Tatum as a tired and lazy old man who needs to get out of the way and let the younger and more energetic cops get the work done. Through the course of the show, you see that in some ways they both are right. Tatum isn't as good as he used to be and has definitely lost his edge. But Bentley could also be a lousy cop because he is too by the book and too unbending.

This is a very well made episode...which isn't surprising because "Police Story" was a brilliantly made program. Here it dares to talk about aging and how difficult it is for some cops, such as Tatum, whose life IS the job. It also shows it in a very humanistic and realistic manner. Well worth seeing.
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One more so good episode
Once more this TV series brought me a great pleasure especially with our old buddy Eddy Asner as a vet cop fighting his old inner demons, his existential problems, although helped by some fellow comrades such as Scott Brady. One more typical cop story, and from the inside, as usual for this outstanding series, the best ever made on police officers as they really are.

Not much action however, but I don't care as far as the characters are shown in a powerful way, and above all convincing. Even a blind man, only by hearing, could guess this tale is from Jo Wambaugh. And also as usual, Eddy Asner patrols here with a rookie, and the two of them are delicious to analyse. The conflict that exist between them. I will never get tired of this so seventies show. Never. Directed by the prolific TV film and episode maker Virgil Vogel.
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