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  • Mr. Bowers booby-traps his basement, electrocuting his wife when she turns on an overhead bulb. Next, the widower ties the knot with a mousy heiress, Maggie, whom he has seduced. While Edie warbles "when the lights start lighting the town", Maggie's quibbling older sisters, one controlling and their other daffy, along with their pince-nezed attorney James Bond, drive to Mother's in their antique Baker Electric car (c1913) to employ Gunn to investigate Bowers, whom they accurately suspect is only interested in Maggie's money. Gunn detects he's an ex-con blackmailer, but the new bride doesn't fret, although Bond warns her she'll be the next victim.


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  • The episode opens, as all of them do, showing a crime being committed. A man booby traps the basement of his house, so that when his wife comes down to investigate water spilling from a washer/dryer, she is electricuted.

    Turns out this same man is dating a lonely and rich woman. She lives with her two sisters. The oldest one in particular is very against the relationship. She tells her sister that she will cut her out of her inheritance. The woman tells her sister that she is in love with the man, and does not believe he is trying to con her.

    Gunn is suspicious because of the ways the man's previous wives have died. The man's background is very sketchy, which is why the woman's sisters have hired the detective to investigate.

    Not long after another arguement between the woman and her older sister, the older sister meets her death in a car accident. It appears the breaks were tampered with, but Gunn is not able to tie the accident to the woman's boyfriend. The boyfriend is offended at the insinuation as he rushes to comfort his girlfriend. However, he disappears soon afterwards.

    Then, the woman's other sister is found dead in her bed. The woman continues to refuse to believe that her boyfriend may have committed a murder. Gunn suspects the woman knows where her boyfriend is hiding, and he tails her to a shack outside of town. Gunn's suspicions are proved right when he catches up to both of them there. The boyfriend maintains his innocence regarding the murder of the two older sisters, and he is telling the truth. The woman admits that she got rid of her sisters, because she was fearful that they would end the only love she'd ever known.

    There is a scuffle between Gunn and the boyfriend. The boyfriend stumbles into an electrified booby trap -- one that was meant for his girlfriend. Gunn points this out as proof that the woman's life was always in danger. She admits she figured her boyfriend would murder her eventually, but she wanted love so badly that it didn't matter.

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