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Musso vs.Pankow for the win!
vex86bird28 June 2007
The rivalry between Dr. Pankow and Grace Musso heats up in more ways than one. The sub-plots in this episode are good and keep you guessing. Dr. Pankow for one is up to his usual plotting and sneaking around. Parker accidentally got the ball rolling with a love note he wrote 'from' Dr. Pankow to Grace and is out to undo the damage he's done. That and Grace is a lot smarter than people give her credit for and is up to her own shenanigans. Weird Al makes a couple of cameo appearance playing piano as Grace and Pankow's romance heats up. That and the occasional twists that occur in PLCL usually make for laughs and this one has quite the twist at the end.
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