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Before Mallrats there was "Teens from a Mall"
vex86bird28 June 2007
I'm normally a fan of episodes with lots of twists and subplots, but this episode was a little cheesy. Jerry's attempts to find a job was a little goofy, Mikey's job stresses was a little over the top, and Musso's shopaholic tendencies was tacky. The story of Shelley trying to figure out if Lemmer was a vampire is funny though. That and the mall security hunting Parker because he fits the description of the thief they're searching for has lots of laughs. The story structure isn't all that bad either. Everyone finds his or her self at a low point in the middle of the episode and the end of the episode finds resolution. Perhaps one of the things that turns me off is the things that aren't the norm. Maybe that's why the job stuff with Mikey drives me crazy seeing as Mikey isn't the job type (that and it's never mentioned that he HAS a job). I dunno maybe I'm just picky!
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