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You Can't Always Be What You Want!
Hitchcoc16 August 2014
This offering centers around a dark, hairy guy who has no self-esteem. He is attractive enough but doesn't act. He meets a girl on line but doesn't have the courage to meet her. A man who has done well from stock tips granted by this guy, offers him a gift. The use of a device that can make a person look like someone else. There are pre-programmed bodies as well as the capability of scanning someone into the computer. At first, he is afraid of this, but eventually talks a female friend into using it and getting the body of his greatest adversary, a somewhat dense, enormously handsome young guy from the same office. At first he uses it to meet the computer girl which, of course, ends badly. And then he gets greedy, using his new identity to excess. We have to realize that the real "Grant" is still out there living his life while the other guy is doing things that will affect him. Our hero is so unlikeable and mean spirited and so gutless that there is little empathy. Not the best Outer Limits but an intriguing concept.
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