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Energy Wars!
Hitchcoc22 May 2014
A group of mercenaries is on what appears to be a moon or planet. The planet contains minerals that are critical to Earth's energy supply. The people have been hired to kill "bugs" (like in Starship Troopers) who are preventing the Earth excavators from mining the good stuff. It is a really tense episode as the crew confronts what they believe are insignificant garbage. This takes a different turn when one of the characters has her supply of a kind of nutrient blocked so she has to confront the worrisome creatures without protection. There is a macho dynamic here. There is great suspicion all along and several hints as to what is going on. This teaches us some lessons about our dependence on energy resources. It also has to do with the potential for compassion for those we don't really understand. Apparently, the budget for this show grew a bit by this time. A worthy effort.
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