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The Outsider (#1.5)
ComedyFan201030 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In this episode Kirsten goes with other women on a trip. Sandy helps Jimmy with his legal issues and they have some men time together. Marissa and Ryan have a sort of a date. And Ryan has a job where he is with a guy from his old neighborhood. Seth gets invited to one of their parties and brings that guy to a party where he has a fight with Luke and it gets ugly.

This episode was alright. It was mainly nice to see the whole Jimmy story develop and see the complication of his relationships. Him and Sandy having good time together was pretty good as well. Lets see what Julie's decision will be.

The whole part with the gun was actually well done. I actually expected it to end worse
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Shows some great development.
Aura V8 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Ryan takes a job at the Crab Shack diner. A co-worker at the diner might mean bad news for the Newport kids. Ryan asks Marissa out on a date. Sandy attempts to help Jimmy sort out his life, and gives him some bad news. Julie reveals a long-held secret to Kirsten. Disaster strikes at another one of Holly's parties.

In this episode Marissa and Ryan finally spend some good quality time together on a date at the Cohen'house. No improvements on the Seth/Summer love plan, but Seth starts to learn how to make friends, besides the ones his father brings home for him. We don't get to see much Summer in this episode, she's only there to comfort Marissa.

Near the ending there was this cute moment, in the scene when Donnie was threatening Luke with the gun, Seth was protecting Summer, but it was shown only for a few seconds.
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