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Welcome to the Family
sol121821 February 2010
***SPOILERS*** It's when Barry, Stephen Baldwin, an out of work guitar player was about to get his brains beat in by loan shark Chris, Bill Croff, whom he's delinquent with the money he owes him that almost out of nowhere pops up, in her car, veterinarian Amanda, Jane Adams, who rescues Barry from almost certain death or at the least from ending up with a serious brain concussion.

At first not that all that interested in Barry, besides patching up his wounds, Amanda soon becomes very attached to him and wants to keep him all for herself. Not as a friend or lover but as one of her pets like the two vicious Doberman Pinchers Val & Max that Amanda saved from being put to sleep at the animal shelter where she works. It's later when Chris tracked down Barry at Amanda's place that Barry realized just what he, or Amanda, got himself into. The two dog not bothering to bark to keep Chris from breaking into the house viciously pounced on the helpless man and tore him apart as if he, being a full grown man who in being a dept collector could very well take care of himself, were a milk bone dog biscuit!

It didn't take long for Barry to realize that his rescuer Amanda, who saw nothing at all wrong in her dogs vicious and wolf-pack like behavior, was not only a bit weird but also dangerous in what she taught Val & Max to do when someone uninvited enters her, and the dogs, home! It also didn't take that long for Barry to realize the real reason Amanda rescued him! She wanted to have a new pet to keep her as well as Val & Max company and Barry with his sad puppy dogs eyes was just the thing or pet that she needed!

***SPOILER*** Barry now far more terrified of Amanda and her pet Doberman's Val & Max then the late lone shark, who was torn to ribbons by them, Chris is to be housebroken by her to make him become a member of the household and join the pack as an obedient canine and mans or, in the case of Amanda, woman's best friend! An in doing that she has a cripples Barry, who's ankle was badly injured in an earlier escape attempt, locked up and chained in her basement until he finally learns to both obey and respect his new found master: Amanda!
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The Perfect Jailbreak
sol121821 February 2010
**SPOILERS** It's as if overnight Kate Morris', Mare Winningham, peaceful suburban life turned into a urban nightmare. Nothing seemed to be real for Kate in that she's being tormented by people who just pop up out of nowhere and then disappear just as mysteriously. It gets so bad that Kate's husband David, Peter Wingfield, seriously suspects that she's losing her mind and needs immediate psychiatric care. There's these three mysterious people the Men in Blue & White, Taras Kostyuk & Brian Jensen, as well as Women in Green, Anaya Farrell, who are either trying to outright murder Kate or induce her to drop dead of sheer fright!

It's as if the persons tormenting Kate are from some other dimension that she came from and want to bring her back there! Kate's paranoia also cause her 7 year-old daughter Wendy, Kristen Prout, to flee the Morris residence and stay over at a friends house in fear that her mom has completely gone bonkers and may end up hurting if not killing her if she stays! Kate for her part tries to keep herself together but those mysterious persons constantly harassing and threatening her, by telling Kate there here to take her back, never seem to go away!

***SPOILER*** It's just when Kate brakes away and escapes from those who are trying to "Bring her back home" that she finally realizes what all these nightmarish visions that she's been having are really all about! Kate has escaped from her shadowy and violent past the only way she knew how and it's that past that's trying to bring her back to face the music for what she did there. And the only way Kate can prevent that from happening is to keep herself in a state of perpetual suspended animation or in a deep coma in order to keep the long arm of the law from catching up with her! And in the end despite all the efforts of the hospital staff to keep her conscious and alive Kate in fact achieves her goal!
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