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Hot Witch!
steveglandon31 October 2008
Night Court is a classic 80's wacky comedy.

It's the kind of show you can just mindlessly watch.

In this particular episode the cast really gets to let their hair down.

Markie Post. What can one say? Markie played her role to the tee.

A very pretty lady, in this episode she gets to show off her incredible beauty.

At the end of the episode, the whole cast is in their Halloween costumes. The whole thing is very funny.

But Markie in that revealing witch outfit, WOW! A stunning beauty.

I've always liked Night Court, but over the years this is the episode I always remember.

It was run recently, fortunately caught it.

Only 3 words left to say: THANK YOU MARKIE!
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Witchy Woman
jstickneysbd6 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This Halloween episode of Night Court features a sexy witch and the adorable Markie Post in a sexy witch outfit. While this certainly makes the episode must watch viewing for sexy witch fans, it doesn't really help make it much of a comedy must see. "Halloween, Too" delves more deeply into Judge Stone's emotions than most of the other episodes. While Night Court does often wear it heart on its sleeve this one oversteps the sitcom line between comedy and drama and threatens to become a soap opera. There certainly are some funny moments, but the traditional stand the scum of New York up before the comedian judge and let the wise cracking begin segments are missing here as is much of the interplay between the regular cast members. While its certainly not a bad show, somehow the funny just got lost along the way on this one.
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