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It's silly, but it works beautifully
Mr-Fusion12 April 2016
Ben Stiller guest stars as a physical fitness trainer (a real used car salesman type) that ensnares Bill in a gym membership - and seeing Stiller play such a sleaze is enough of a win right there.

But I have to confess to being utterly enthralled by the other story line, in which Dave's Canadian origins are found out . . . and he proceeds to take heat from everyone in the office. Canadian jokes are low-hanging fruit, but there's something about seeing the character getting flack that's so tickling. Foley's a Canuck himself, so it feels like he's in on the joke.

It's the little things that make this work. Like this priceless one from Joe: "I can't believe it. All those hours I spent talking hockey with him and he pretended not to be interested!"

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