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Nanny's Colorful Uncle Alfred
Jordan Hall8 June 2017
The Everett children are returning home from the park singing "The Drainpipe Song". When they describe to Nanny (Juliet Mills) the man who taught it to them she immediately realizes her Uncle Alfred Wiggins (monumental English actor John Mills, Juliet's father) is in town. They find him performing for money in the park and a policeman puts the Englishman in Nanny's care. The boys invite him to dinner and he regales the Everetts with stories from his travels. Uncle Alfred begins granting the children wishes, but apparently doesn't have the implied magical powers of Nanny. Professor Everett (Richard Long) receives a call that a popular rock group scheduled to be the star attraction of the upcoming university fair has canceled. Uncle Alfred offers to step in with his magic act, including "The Human Fly"- a stunt he hasn't performed in a long time. At the carnival setting, he readies for his act amid strange happenings with a couple of twist endings. This is a fun, engaging episode with a sprinkling of light comedy. This was an episode for family appearances, as David Doremus' little sister Lisa also appears in a scene at the carnival.
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