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  • A psychotic who leads a burglary ring has an unfortunate habit of bursting into a murderous rage when things go wrong. When Adam investigates the scene of of the bloody break-ins, the head of an advertising agency offers him a lucrative position.


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  • This episode begins in a midtown office building after hours. A well-dressed man on the street (James Dukas) pounds at the glass door to the marble lobby - demanding entry. He shows his doctor bag and shouts that he is answering an emergency call. The watchman, unbolting the door and operating the passenger elevator for him, protests that the building is absolutely empty, no one is there who could have called him, there must be a mistake. As the watchman rises in the cab, he glances at the glowering face of "the doctor" and appears to realize that it was he, and not the stranger, who just made the mistake. Once the stranger has murdered him, he brings the elevator back to the lobby and opens the door for his accomplices, a young man (John Dutra) dressed in the same kind of service uniform as the watchman, and an older man (Leonardo Cimino). The narrator intones that there are patient men and that there are impatient men.

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