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Bookmark this extra-spooky episode!
Jimmy L.30 December 2010
"The Muppet Show" is always great, but this Vincent Price episode stands out as one of the highlights from Season One. Price is one of the more recognizable guest stars for modern audiences and in honor of his career in horror films the episode carries a Halloween-y theme. Lots of Muppet monsters, ghosts, and fluttering bats. The "spooky" theme gives the episode a cohesiveness lacking in many other episodes of the sketch comedy/variety show.

While many "Muppet Show" guest stars seem to have faded into obscurity in the thirty-plus years since the show's original run, Vincent Price is still well-known to audiences today. Whether it's from his films from the 1940s, '50s, or '60s, from his vocal contributions to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in 1982, from his appearance in Tim Burton's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990), or from Bill Hader's impersonations on "Saturday Night Live", Vincent Price's name is alive and well. It's fun seeing him ham it up in these Muppet sketches.

This episode includes the "I've Got You Under My Skin" number I remember from my childhood, with one monster singing to the creature he's just devoured. It also includes a cover of the Beatles' "I'm Looking Through You", sung, of course, by ghosts. And some other recurring sketches are given a special "spooky" flavoring.

All in all, an excellent episode and one to keep an eye out for. It's included on Disc Three of the Season One DVD set.
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Well done episode that's scary with parody and I eat frog legs!
Danny Blankenship22 March 2016
This "Muppet Show" episode from season one 1976 number 19 was one of the better ones for it's scary theme and the way it made fun of things the use of parody with horror was well done. Anyway it featured the horror film legend that's the one and only Vincent Price just looking at him and hearing his voice is scary and creep like enough! Most memorable is when Mr. Price tells Kermit that he loves eating frog legs! Watch out little green man. And it was cute to see Kermit cut vampire style teeth. And this episode is well with skits of haunted houses and flying ghosts who make a joke saying that their lines were written by a ghost writer! Really overall it was a scary time at the Muppet house as when Vincent entered he was ready to eat frog legs and even Kermit! Really one of the series better episodes.
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