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Life with Nirvana
kevin olzak15 October 2016
The second part of "Mork vs. the Necrotons" opens with Captain Nirvana (Raquel Welch) capturing Mork's pet (Mindy) in order to lure him back to the Necroton spaceship. Meanwhile, Nelson Flavor (Jim Staahl) learns how Mork was tortured by three beautiful women in a hot tub and concludes that Candid Camera is making a comeback! Mork quickly reverses his escape in the hope that his enemies will not survive the earth's atmosphere much longer, their limit 24 hours. A dance contest ends with Nirvana victorious, their 24 hours equal to 900 earth years. Mindy hadn't figured that she would wind up a bird in a gilded cage, waiting to have her brain sucked out by Necrotons. Only Nirvana's growing love for Mork offers hope that the tortures will end, offering Mindy's life if Mork will become her mate: "can I sleep on that?" Raquel Welch was by all accounts a real diva on the set, making cast members as miserable as the viewing audience. Things just had to get better after this one.
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