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Rather 'Addison' than Willis
Cristi_Ciopron9 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I understood that it is 'David Addison' whom I like, not particularly Bruce Willis as apart from this role, or rather I like Willis only as Addison; I like more Costner and Gibson as persons and movie-actors. I enjoy certain Willis movies; but no so much, or even—not because of him. Yet I definitely acknowledge that 'Addison' wouldn't be himself without Willis; or, that I like so much David Addison as played by Willis, that the script needed Willis and Willis defines the character. So it's not just the script—but the performance as well. With 'David Addison', Willis gave his best and only performance—so fun that it eclipses everything else he might have done.

None could do 'David Addison' as well as Willis; and no other character Willis ever got was as interesting and exciting. The comedy actor—not the action star, Stallone's pal. Therefore I never took him completely serious as an action star—I was always expecting him to laugh, to say something funny, etc.. He happened to be in good movies; but the roles he got, even in those movies, were insipid or two—dimensional. In MOONLIGHTING he was an awesomely—timed gag—deliverer, a philosopher, a lover, a moralist, a libertine, a wisecracker, a sharp screwball performer.
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Responding to previous reviewer
bpvalentine18 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
this is one of the better classic Moonlighting episodes. I sorta wish the prostitute character been developed more in other episodes. I happened to see on IMDb this actress died back in 2010 of some sort of blood disease, too bad. I only remember her being in John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness in 1987, which I expect she probably got because of this episode. Moonlighting was that popular and trendsetting at that time where something like that could happen. After all, Bruce Willis did get DIE HARD, which even with Moonlighting being popular on TV still blows my mind.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to respond to the above review trying to differentiate Addison from Bruce Willis. If you like Addison, then you like Bruce Willis. Addison wasn't written like this, Bruce didn't get into character. If you watch the pilot and see what the show was by the end of season 1, you know Moonlighting was built around Bruce Willis and his wild man persona. A persona he talks about having developed in high school to deal with his shyness and sorta skated on all the way into Hollywood (which is probably why it took so long after Moonlighting for him to shake it).

I don't understand what the motivation is to say you like Addison and not Willis anyway. Sounds like you're holding onto preconceptions from tabloids or something. Preconceptions probably have no logical right having anyway.

I wish Bruce knew how to lighten up again. He is getting that Harrison Ford thing where you almost want to see someone put a mirror under his nose to make sure he's still with us.
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