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Disney-style storyline
Leofwine_draca11 July 2015
PARENTS FROM SPACE is a straightforward body-swap episode of MONSTERS. In it, a young girl suffers at the hands of her unpleasant parents, so she's delighted when aliens land on Earth and swap bodies with her elders. The new versions are a great improvement, but what about when the aliens swap back?

Unlike the preceding episode GLIM-GLIM, which was fabulous stuff indeed, PARENTS FROM SPACE is a rather twee and forgettable. It feels like a short Disney film more than anything else, and despite the presence of alien characters in the cast, not much really happens. The most notable thing about it is that Frank Gorshin (the BATMAN TV series) plays the father character.
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Perfectly good episode if a bit forgettable.
Paul Andrews30 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Monsters: Parents from Space starts as Ward Ellers (Frank Gorshin) arrives home from work & as usual takes his frustration's out on his young foster daughter Cindy (Mary Griffin) who also suffers at the hand of his cruel wife June (Peggy Cass). Cindy is very unhappy & wishes things were different. Then that very night an alien spaceship lands in the Ellers barn & the two aliens inside take over the Ellers bodies & are a big improvement on the real Ellers, Cindy begins to like them & their strange but kind ways although the aliens plan to swap bodies again once their damaged spaceship is repaired. An idea Cindy is not too keen on...

Episode fourteen from season one of Monsters this originally aired in the US during February 1989, directed by Jerry Smith this episode shares a lot of the same plot details of the previous Monsters episode Glim-Glim (1989) which also features an alien stranded on Earth, a little girl who befriends it/them but the main difference is probably that this time there's a happy ending for the girl rather than the downbeat sad ending of Glim-Glim. In fact I would say that the basic feel-good nature of Parents from Space would have suited a Disney film instead with the fantasy premise of two aliens from space saving a cute little girl from her unhappy existence. Parents from Space isn't as good an episode as Glim-Glim anyway, the writing is more predictable & the whole episode is a little dull, sure the story is quite good but it doesn't really go anywhere the ending is obvious & you can see it coming from a mile away. Having said that it's fairly amusing in a light hearted sort of way although it does sidestep the important central issue of child abuse despite introducing the delicate topic early on & is one of the more forgettable entries from this generally very good series.

The monster this time around are the two aliens which look a hell of a lot better than the alien from Glim-Glim which makes me suspect that it's goofy appearance was deliberate. Anyway, the furry sharp fanged Rat like aliens here look a lot like the ones from Critters (1986). There's a slightly gross scene in this when the alien controlled Ward eats a maggot! Some might find that bit a distasteful & I would advise you not to be eating anything at the same time while watching that bit. The acting is alright if nothing Oscar worthy.

Parents from Space is a watchable Monsters episode that passes twenty odd minutes harmlessly enough but certainly isn't up there with the best the show has to offer. Not bad but not great.
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