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  • A domestic terror group has sent one of their agents to pick up a container of a deadly biological weapon in a small desert town. But the IMF convinces him that he's already been exposed to the germ, and the military is sealing off the town to contain the leak.



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  • The team must adopt hayseed accents and a secretive attitude as they people an entire town with IMF accomplices to convince the man set to deliver a biological weapon to the enemy that his prize has already been taken. Not only that, but its seal has been breached and everyone in the town is breaking out in nasty sores and dying. The real weapon, of course, is soon in Phelps and Co.'s capable hands, but not before they almost sacrifice Mimi to a stray bullet to maintain their cover. Only her supposed "immunity" to the fictional plague persuades the baddie (the sinister Ray Walston) to keep her alive until her noble compadres can rescue her.

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