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Falsifying A Vital U.S. Information
Desertman8427 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Jim Phelps and his team of IMF - Rollin,Cinnamon,Barney and Willy - are going to deal with an information that is vital to the U.S. nuclear control centers in "The Diplomat".

An anti-U.S. country has gotten hold of the information that is vital to the defense systems of the United States.The IMF was given a task to get hold of it.Unfortunately,they could not get hold of the data.Phelps and his team decided to use persuasion in its elaborate plot to allow the diplomats involved in it to conclude that the information that have taken hold is far from the truth.

The mission was cleverly done by the IMF particularly against Gregory Tolan,who was tasked to verify the crucial data about the US nuclear control centers that they have gotten hold of.Since it is both valid and irretrievable,the actions taken by the IMF using Rollin to falsify the information the enemy has taken and Phelps to corroborate the information taken to sell the deception.It maybe not a flashy episode but it was good enough the IMF accomplished its mission intelligently.
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