Michael Anthony: [Anthony enters the Tipton study, where he finds Tipton seated in a high backed chair at his desk, smoking a cigar. Only Tipton's left arm is visible to the viewers] You sent for me, sir?

John Beresford Tipton: Mike,

[Tipton reaches for a framed picture of a young boy]

John Beresford Tipton: look at this.

[Tipton hands the photograph to Anthony. Tipton chuckles]

John Beresford Tipton: He was a little self-conscious, wouldn't you say?

Michael Anthony: [Anthony examines the photo] Charming picture, sir. Who is it?

John Beresford Tipton: Oh, now, you mean you couldn't see the resemblance? That, Mike, is little Johnny Tipton, age ten.

Michael Anthony: [Surprised] You, sir?

[Anthony now examines the photo more closely]

Michael Anthony: Well, now that you mention it, I can see a certain...

John Beresford Tipton: [Chuckles] Oh, come on, Mike - you can not! You know, Mike, people don't realize how deep and permanent children's emotions are. Why, I still remember the first girl I fell in love with,

[Pointing to the photo]

John Beresford Tipton: when I was wearing that suit.

Michael Anthony: You do?

John Beresford Tipton: I wonder if she ever remembered me.

[Tipton hands over an envelope to Anthony]

John Beresford Tipton: Here you are, Mike - our next millionaire.

[Anthony bows and departs]

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