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Mostly Good
Mort Payne13 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This episode did a good job of ending the cliff-hanger that the first season closed on, but unfortunately, it didn't end itself very well. The villain is a bit overdone and Catherine is a cliché damsel in distress, but it's a TV show, so alright. Unfortunately, it ends on the absurd idea that Catherine can't live with the man who saved her life, which is absurd. I guess they were trying to say that he was too much of a monster, or something, but it didn't work, since his killing of the villain was the result of a battle for his life with the guy. Rather than offering an interesting bit of tension in the life of a man surrounded by and drawn too closely into violence, it played as a contrived excuse for writing her into a smaller role in the series.
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A weak opening to a weak season
Christopher Smith23 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Catherine is kidnapped at the airport. Despite Frank's attempt to find the man responsible before he leaves, the kidnapper escapes, hiding his identity by ripping off his fake facial hair. A roadblock fails because the kidnapper hides Catherine in a cage under his car. The implausibility of that scenario is only the beginning of the problems with this episode. Writers Glen Morgan and James Wong fill it with way too many expository monologues, making the villain seem almost laughable. The confusing and boring expository monologues would continue throughout Season Two, which is part of the reason the show deteriorated in quality until finally Morgan and Wong left the show at the end of the season. It may sound like I am being harsh on the two, but I actually do like their movies. I think the two FINAL DESTINATION films that they did are two of the best horror films that have come out in the 2000s so far. I just never found their work on "Millenium" or "The X Files" to be up to par. It's too bad, with the right show-runners, Season Two could have great like the first.

Episode Grade: C-
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"Jelly-Necker" - I Like that.
XweAponX17 April 2014
And I have to agree, This episode is a fine beginning to a very Strong and Colourful 2nd Season. Think you can do better? Then do it, I can't accept a casual dismissal like that. I respect the work that went into this series, writing is difficult enough - Try writing for a TV series. Not only do things like Plot and Continuity have to be dealt with, but also a Teaser and Four Acts of exactly 10 minutes each. And then having your main Executive Producer not being available, so you have to decide how to go about it.

One thing we didn't have much of in Season 1 was the Humour aspect. Morgan/Wong handed us that, with Darren Morgan showing us a completely different aspect of Black, The one that says "I Surrender" when he realizes he can't do anything about a situation.

As far as how this episode continues on from the Cliffhanger of Season 1, it's perfect and seamless despite changing "Polaroid man" to Doug Hutchinson from the original Paul Raskin aka "The Figure".

This is in fact the episode where Everything Changes for Black, The Yellow House is no longer the bastion of Light and Safety for Black and his family. It becomes a symbol of what he has lost, his Eden from which he is barred from entering. Instead it becomes something for Black to hold on to, but that is yet for him to decide.

What did "Polaroid Man" want? - Just to prove that Black could not use his "gift" to find him? Or merely to "Tell Katherine the Truth"?

I don't think this is ever explained, because it is not important. Because this is the beginning of the Year of the Comet. One Comet may get interrupted and fall into the Sun, others may just go on their merry way while the Earth changes Crowns and Kings beneath.
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this episode
waspfan3327 February 2009
jelly-necker should get what photo man got at the end of the episode. big paragraph for a episode u thought sucked.lemme know when you write an episode for any television show at all douche.millennium was great start to finish and still the most interesting show ever on television.great premise,perfect era,so odd its cool.like much of the 90s this show was so bizarre sometimes thats what made it cool.part of the group of weird 90s shows like s.f.w.,all fuc**d up,nowhere,the doom generation,scream,seven,8 mm,x files,brimstone,i could dredge up a lot of tripped out shows and movies from the 90s,but u get the picture.millennium was weird week to week,67 brilliant weird interesting hours of TV,best ever .
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