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  • Castillo is forced to choose between friendship and duty when Jack Gretsky, his best friend from his days in Vietnam with the CIA, reemerges from the criminal underground complete with a Russian wife who is being pursued by the KGB.


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  • In this episode, Castillo shows a deeper side to his history and what makes him tick. The murderer of a drug dealer caught on tape sends Castillo searching for an old friend, Jack Gretsky, from his CIA days. The friend supposedly went over to the other side (russians) but has now returned for the sake of his wife and son. The two share a memory shrouded reunion but soon jack forces Castillo to kill him because as Castillo later finds out, he was eaten up with Cancer and would have soon been dead. Castillo understood that his friend did what was honorable under the Bushido code and vowed to protect his friend's family. The russians soon come looking for the defectors and Castillo faces off with them in true Samuraii fashion.

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