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Gina goes undercover to catch a mobster
Tweekums15 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As this episode opens Crocket and Tubbs are staking out a party while Gina is inside posing as an interior decorator; she is chatting to a guy by the name of Willy Cook who introduces her to Frank Mosca; Mosca is a mobster who first appeared in the opening episode of this season, 'Contempt of Court'. Crockett wants her to keep well away from Mosca because he is dangerous but she is insistent that she can cope with him; Castillo agrees and she uses the introduction to get close to him... the problem is she gets too close and ends up sleeping with him. Cook soon turns up dead and Mosca is the chief suspect. Mosca tries to deflect suspicion onto rival mobster Jimmy Roth; and after what appears to be a drive-by attempt on Mosca's life it Gina starts to believe him... the problem is that he now knows she is a cop and her life is in imminent danger.

This was a solid episode; it was good to see Gina take the lead as Saundra Santiago does a good job in the role, also welcome was the return of Stanley Tucci as the odious mobster Frank Mosca; he did a fine job in the role keeping the character menacing without going over the top and making him a pantomime villain. There isn't a huge amount of action but there are some tense moments, an exciting shootout in the final scene and an scene where Crockett and Tubbs literally turn the heat up when quizzing one of Mosca's henchmen! Since the team know that Mosca is a crook from the start there is little mystery but that doesn't weaken the story; they still have to gather evidence and the real interest is wondering how long Gina's cover will last.
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Not much to say about this one.
cory552125 July 2012
Not a bad episode. Tucci did an excellent job, as he did during his first appearance and it was cool to see Windcott in such an early role. The problem is the show never really did anything and had a very predictable ending. A "mail in" story as was common with many of the episodes in season 4 & 5. The guest acting saved this one from the gutter in my opinion. Not much else to say but I need more lines of text so here goes the blah.

It kind of reminded me of a season 1 or 2 episode but it was just completely weak. There was a scene where Crockett and Tubbs hop in the Testarosa and haul butt while some cool music plays, but even this scene was a watered down version of seasons past. You could do a lot worse as far as MV episodes go but don't expect too much.
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Risky subject matter, lazy execution
Mr-Fusion23 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
'Blood and Roses' treads all-too-familiar ground; if you remember Gina's involvement way back in 'Give a Little, Take a Little', then you've pretty much already seen this one. The only difference is Frank Mosca (Stanley Tucci) is the bad guy this time. That's about it.

But this lacks the danger of that earlier episode, and along with that, the drama. You know she's going to lose control of the situation way before it happens, and this paints Gina as both reckless and mildly incompetent. It's not like the character ever gets her own story, and this algorithm of a cop show episode is how they handle it?

What a waste.

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