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Good memories
cory552125 July 2012
I know this show was all flashbacks and clips, but it was most of the best, with a really good beginning.

I'm a sucker for the sentimental and this episode was chalk full of it. Also, when I rated this, I had to consider what it would have been like to see it as a Miami Vice episode for that week. Some of the scenes in this episode had not been seen for several years at the time which would have had a much cooler affect than if you were to buy the whole MV box set and hammer (no pun intended) through every season in a month.

One major gripe I do have is that I expected it to be flashbacks from Crockett's point of view, as in life flashing before your eyes. Instead it was a conglomerate of the past with everyone from Vice chipping in a memory.

As "filler" episodes go, they could have done much worse but also much better.
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A great opening... then a clip show
Tweekums19 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This episode gets off to a good start as Crockett and Tubbs taking part in an undercover drugs buy that turns into a fire fight. Rique, the dealer escapes with his girl friend Angel. Crockett and Tubbs give chase and finally catch up with them at a railway station; here there is another shoot out and Crockett kills Rique then makes the mistake of turning his back on Angel; a mistake he almost pays for with his life as she shoots him in the chest as he turns round. He is taken to hospital to be operated on then as the rest of the team get there we are 'treated' to various memories of him... this of course means only one thing: we are in for a clip show. For the rest of the episode we see a variety of clips from previous episodes intertwined with a few scenes where they discuss where Angel might have escaped to.

After a start that promised to be classic Miami Vice; two shootouts separated by a car chase and a Phil Collins song; it is a shame that this episode turned into a clip show; it would have been so much better if it had just concentrated on the search for Angel with periodic updates about Crockett's condition. The clips contained quite a few good action moments but taken out of context they weren't as exciting as when they were originally shown.
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A guilty pleasure
Spazimoto4 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I agree that this is a "clips show", but it really does give you a sense on how great the show was. It also makes you sad watching clips of when the show was at it's zenith (long since passed during season 4).

I also didn't care for Sonny being 100% by the next episode. I would imagine that being shot in the chest, almost risking paralysis would have you out or on light duty for a while.

If they would've used the premise of Sonny being on leave, they could've done some Tubbs or other character episodes.

Is it a wasted episode? Yes. Is it fun to look back? Yes.
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Nothing but a clip show. bleh
michael27 May 2008
Clip shows will never gain favor from me. This is even worse because a potentially interesting and suspenseful story is cut with clips. Something like this should have gotten its own complete story.

This episode might have been suspenseful during the original run. At that time people might not have known whether the series would be returning in the fall. Now though, it's just annoying having this kind of event occur within a clip show.

But regardless, this could have been a really serious story and plot spanning multiple episodes. And if during its original run with only a couple episodes remaining you give the audience this tragic event and fill it up with clips from previous episodes I would be really annoyed if I had been a fan. Given the ease with which this episode was resolved, this was a complete waste. Season 4 all around was pretty bad.

Clip shows are just nonsense.
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Can this even be considered an actual episode?
frankenbenz17 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In the opening scene Crockett gets shot in the chest. The rest of the episode cuts between his stay in the hospital and flashbacks from previous episodes. To make sure they've got enough filler, every MV regular gets marched into Crockett's hospital room to have his or her own little flashback. All in all, you only get about half of an actual episode, the other half comprised of filler you've seen before. I really hate it when TV shows pull off one of these sorry excuses for getting something on air vs. taking a vacation.

Today, the suspense is muted by us knowing he'll survive since there's yet another season to follow. Maybe back in 1988 people were a little more concerned, especially due to sagging ratings. As it is, I rate this episode a 5 because the tank is half full in more ways than one.
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More of a best of show!
mm-391 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Watchable, but more of a best of show! Crockett gets shot and goes through surgery! The cast goes threw memories of Crockett! More of a best of show with clips from previous episode with Crockett and Miami Vice's other characters. Memorable to watch, but not a new episode. Izzy is a surprise visitor at the hospital, and becomes a linch pin for the story. Izzy's information pushes for the conclusion. A good ending which is climatic. Season four is hard on the Crockett character. 5 out of 10. I hate best of episodes.
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