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A female client lies to Joe and he gets bashed over the head...sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it?!
MartinHafer1 December 2014
I enjoyed "Beyond Recall" but must admit that the episode had a few problems. First, it's at least the third episode that I've seen where a female client comes to Mannix with a story filled with lies...and the PRIOR episode used this plot device several times! Second, Mannix gets bashed over the head. Peggy is worried that he might have a concussion, but after at least 50 such happenings in the series so far, it's a wonder that Mannix is not a drooling vegetable!! You cannot get knocked out this often and be a well-functioning part of society!!

As for the story, Mannix is trying to find a down-and-out drunk (Vic Morrow) who's being pursued by several men (one of which is played by the familiar character actor Geoffrey Lewis). Why they want to kill him and what he knows--that's all for Mannix to discover.

An interesting plot--that's for sure. But clichés make this one a 7 when it could have easily been an 8 or 9.
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