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I could predict this one but it still was entertaining.
MartinHafer23 May 2013
"A Pittance of Faith" begins with a young woman being tossed off a balcony to her death. To make it look like a suicide, the killer leaves a typed suicide note. Now to me, this was a weakness, as I cannot believe anyone killing themselves and typing a note--and, oddly, the police chalked this one off as a suicide.

A short time later, a man representing a group of local merchants approaches Mannix. They want him to investigate the case and show it was NOT suicide--as the dead lady was Catholic and could not be buried in consecrated ground because of the way she died. Oddly, however, the lady's father (David Opatashu) is against the investigation--and you'd THINK he'd be in full agreement with reopening the case. Mannix correctly surmises there is more to this cases and somehow her identical twin has some part in this.

As I said, this one was a bit predictable but still it entertains. Not a great show and it sure had its flaws. Also, look for Larry Linville in his third appearance as a police detective as well as the singer/actor Bobby Troup as himself.
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