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Passport forgers get greedy
Paularoc25 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Charles Bickford introduces the story of the investigation and capture of U.S. passport forgers. Willis Bouchey and Claude Akins go undercover in Mexico as they follow leads to the forgers. Bouchey pretends to be a big spending American who wants to buy passports. The crooks fall for it and are arrested. The epilogue's narrator tells the viewer that the crooks are sentenced to 30 years in prison. Different times indeed. I most remember Willis Bouchey from the Perry Mason show and the movie Suddenly. Akins is a favorite character and gracious actor who I was fortunate enough to meet at a Memphis Film Festival. Always thought it a shame he was so soon dropped from the Murder, She Wrote television show. This episode is enjoyable if not particularly memorable. The show I saw included the original three commercials each of which was refreshingly brief. Two were for products - Colgate and Polident - that are still around today and the third was an Air Force recruitment commercial which oddly was done with graphic and not live characters. Interesting to see these old commercials - they were all about the message with no bling and no cutesy stuff.
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