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Masugahau21 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Quick Summary: 1. Malcolm joins the basketball team, and keeps making smart remarks to his coach. He realizes he needs to think before he speaks, so he decides to start "biting his tongue." 2. Meanwhile, Hal takes up speed walking at the park and purchases a spandex suit covered in flames and an aerodynamic helmet. 3. And while all of this is happening, Reese has a date to a concert with Alison, but can't find a ride, so he invites Craig along so he can drive them.

Spoilers: 1. Malcolm becomes so stressed out over not speaking his mind, that during a basketball game, he finally opens his mouth and ends up spitting blood all over his coach. He popped a blood vessel. 2. Hal tapes his competition and realizes that he is violating one of the major rules of speed walking--there must be a foot on the ground at all times. He uses the tape for blackmail. 3. Craig has never been on a date, so he becomes really excited for the date with Reese and Alison. He becomes obsessed and refuses to drive them to the concert because he has his own plans. Both Reese and Alison freak out.
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