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The Temptations
Desertman842 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Your Money or Your Wife/Joint Custody/The Temptations is the second episode of the eighth season of The Love Boat.The actors and actresses appearing as guests on this episode are:Penny Fuller, Robert Reed, Connie Stevens, Vic Tayback, Charlotte Rae and Franklin Cover.

The Pacific Princess starts another cruise wherein Vicki brags that she persuaded the manager of Temptations to allow the group to perform.Meanwhile,a female passenger and her ex-husband fight over their son's custody.Finally,a loan shark is willing to lay off a debtor of his loan as long as he is allowed to date with a woman who happens to be the debtor's wife.

Well,it was nice to see the appearance of The Temptations in the show as an added ingredient for entertainment.
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