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The Final Cruise of the Pacific Princess
Desertman8415 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?" is the final episode of "The Love Boat" that was shown on air.Joining the cast are for it are Julie Harris,Arlene Dahl,Connie Stevens,Alan Thicke,Lloyd Bochner,Jenilee Harris,Peter Graves and John Rubinstein.The Pacific Princess goes on its final cruise on air.For the last time,we get to meet different passengers on board.

On board the Pacific Princess,it was reported that the billionaire Maxwell Thorn,who gave six people free cruises is apparently missing.Ace thinks that one of the recipients of free cruises murdered him.As for Emily,he is searching for happiness and fulfillment as an individual instead of just being known as the spouse of Captain's Stubing. Being known simply as the Captain's wife bothers her.

Well,the final episode turns out to be a surprise as the viewer isn't just given the usual humorous or romantic story as the plot involves a murder mystery.Added to that, we are also given some sort of a resolution on how Emily is going to fare as the wife of Captain Stubing in terms of fulfillment and happiness.It was a good conclusion as the show ends.

The Love Boat was an extremely popular show 30 years ago.While many doubted its success when it started,it proved doubters wrong that it was indeed a show liked by many Americans despite its predictable stories and corny jokes.Its being an wholesome is what made it popular.It may not be liked by viewers today but nevertheless many people worldwide enjoyed it when it was shown on air.And that is what is important.
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