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  • "Ace Takes the Test": a couple (Teresa Ganzel and Christopher Mayer) wants Ace (Ted McGinley) to father their child; "The Odd Triple": a woman (Mary Ann Mobley) competes with her daughter (Crystal Bernard) for Gopher's (Fred Grandy) company; "The Counterfeit Couple": two strangers (Erin Moran and Richard Gilliland) pose as newlyweds after a mixup puts them in the honeymoon suite.

  • Ace's longtime friend Donna Driesen and her bullying husband Gus Braddock seek Ace's help in conceiving a child through artificial insemination. Two singles pose as their married friends Lyle and Barbara Blatnick. Annette Henshaw vies with her daughter Susie for Gopher's company.

  • "Ace Takes the Test; Odd Triple; Counterfeit Couple": A childless couple seek Ace's help; a woman (Mary Ann Mobley) vies with her daughter (Crystal Bernard) for Gopher's company; singles pretend to be wed.


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  • A couple wants Ace to father their child. Teresa Ganzel plays a high school friend of Ace who finds that her new husband cant have children. Christopher Mayer play Ganzels husband and puts Ace through a series of challenges worrying that he would not produce a child that would live up to his furniture moving family.

    Two strangers (Erin Moran, Richard Gilliland) pose as newlyweds after a mix up puts them in the honeymoon suite. They quickly develop a love hate relationship that threatens to expose their secret!

    A mother tries to keep her newly divorced daughter from making another wrong choice of Gopher for her new love interest. Mary Ann Mobley plays the overly protective mother. Crystal Bernard is the footloose and fancy free daughter who only has eyes for Gopher. The twist comes when while trying to win over the mother, Gopher falls for the older woman. Suddenly Bernard finds herself being thrown at Gopher who now only has eyes for mom!

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