"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" Tempus Fugitive (TV Episode 1995) Poster

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Lois and Clark meet H.G. Wells, who has traveled on his time machine with a companion from the future. This companion named Tempus roams the city robbing people of gold, which is needed to fuel the time machine. Wells tells Lois and Clark that future's Utopia was founded by Superman descendants. Tempus wants to destroy Superman, because he finds the future boring. Tempus kidnaps Wells, as he doesn't know how to use the time machine himself. Wells is supposed to take him to 1966 Smallville, where infant Kal-El arrived on Earth. However, they travel to 1866 and not 1966, because of Wells' trickery. There they meet Jesse and Frank James, and two of Jonathan and Martha Kent's ancestors. With plans of the time machine left by Wells, Superman builds another time machine. Lois and Clark first travel to 1966 and then to 1866. Jonathan's ancestor - the sheriff - is hurt in an altercation with the James brothers, and Clark saves him by flying him to treatment. Lois is caught by Tempus, who has ...

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