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mitchrmp22 August 2013
Well...what good can I say about this episode? Um...Well...Hmmmm...Okay, I'll admit that parts are entertaining but as Alber said repeatedly...ugh!

First of all, the episode begins with can't-act-Carrie and her little baby voice and baby way of thinking. I never can stand the Carrie scenes. The fact that they discovered she can't act didn't mean she couldn't have been replaced...like with someone who could act? She was little and didn't have many parts at first so I think they could have found somebody.

Second, this is a dream. It's a very odd dream and has a stupid storyline. Not only that, but I don't see Albert dreaming something like this. He was way too intelligent for that! The fact they were trying to tug at heartstrings during the dream just made it that much worse! Charles letting Laura and Albert go back in and save the day - well maybe he could have let that happen in Albert's world since it was a dream...The whole thing was just...odd!
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Even the best series have some bad episodes.
TOMASBBloodhound9 March 2010
If you can get through this silly episode which actually has little to do with Halloween, you are a true die hard fan of this series. The story deals with Albert and Laura dressing as Indians for a Halloween party at the Olesson's. Before the party, ma makes them take a nap (when did she ever do that?) and before you know it Albert starts dreaming. He dreams that he and Laura are mistaken for real Indians by some tribes in the area looking to go on the war path. Albert is actually mistaken for the son of a prominent chief. He and Laura end up negotiating between the Indians and a detachment of Cavalry sent to rescue the local white settlers. Eventually, he and Laura find themselves in a wagon being chased by and endless supply of Indians, and using gunpowder bombs to fight them off. Boy is this dumb.

You can't blame it all on Albert. Sometimes they really did use his character well on this show. But Little House by 1979 was suffering the same fate as all long-running family shows. After a while, the kids grow up and have to move on to other things. And new kids have to be brought in to keep the show centered around the parent-child dynamic. Things would get even worse in later years when James and Cassandra had to be introduced into the Ingalls household. And worse yet when Shannen Doherty had to be added as Laura and Almanzo's child. None of these children ever existed in real life. Animated shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy don't face this problem since their kids can always stay the same age.

Little House still had quite a few good episodes left at this point. This one isn't one of them. 4 of 10 stars.

The Hound.
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Derogatory Dream
jonathan_k8010 September 2012
"Little House on the Prairie" would occasionally move away from its often intense drama and feature a light-hearted or comical episode. "Halloween Dream" is one of these failed attempts at humor.

The title is misleading because Albert's dream has nothing to do with the holiday other than having him and Laura dressing in costumes.

I won't bother to rehash the plot since another reviewer has already done so, but I will say that this episode isn't worth anyone's time.

The storyline is an insult to Native Americans. It utilizes every B-movie Western stereotype imaginable. It is beyond me how this was ever green-lighted. It is definitely not funny.
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Indians Are Funny...
ExplorerDS678929 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Halloween finds Laura and Albert dressin' up like Injuns. See, they want to win first prize at Nellie's costume contest...like they really think she'd let them win? So after Albert and Laura painfully get their costumes on, Caroline forces them to take a nap, so as to be rested up for their night, but I think it was just to get them out of her hair. So as they lay in the loft snoozin', Albert has himself a very peculiar dream... it starts with a group of Native Americans sitting around a fire where they "smokeum peace pipe". They're waiting for a strong, young brave named Son of Running Bull, who will aid them in their attack in which they will slay the white man. I guess they had nothing better to do; members of the tribe spot Laura and Albert on horseback, and bring them back to their chief, Chief Kilowatt (you read right) taking Albert to be Son of Running Bull. I think they just made heap big mistake; back at the little house, Charles and Caroline meet Commander Kaiser, who reports sightings of tribes in the area. Bloodthirsty Injuns looking to kill the white man. Naturally, the Ingalls were somewhat concerned with his news.

So after making Laura and Albert smokeum the peace pipe, Chief Kilowatt lays out their plan of attack: kill white man in one town, then move on to next, and next, until white man is no more, and they have war party...um, haven't they noticed Laura is white? As is Albert? Well, guess what? According to this episode, the Indians are freakin' idiots. Meanwhile, homes in the area were evacuated, forcing Charles and the family to be relocated, as per Kaiser's orders. All Charles could think about were his missing children, but Kaiser was less than sympathetic. Spotting his children amongst the tribes, Charles gets himself a horse and white flag and rides out. Being forced to play along, Albert exchanges Indian-speak with his Pa, but alas, the time to talk peace was over. The Indians were intent on slaying the whites regardless. But that night, Albert had a plan to help he and Laura escape. So after dressing like giggling maids, they made their way to Stoney Pass and were reunited with Charles, after scaring Kaiser half to death. So what now? Go BACK to the camp where they JUST escaped from, to try and make the chiefs believe the riflemen were captured and thus their battle could not be carried out...only to discover that not only do the Indians have the rifles, but the REAL Son of Running Bull finally showed up. Good plan, Albert, you little idiot; and so, Albert and Laura are tied to crosses, set to be burned at the stake...and please do it quickly! But no, they somehow manage to escape, stealing the wagon full of rifles and hit the trail, with over 200 Injuns and a psyched-out Son of Running Bull giving chase. But it's okay, Laura tries to stop them with a loaded rifle...this is a family show, isn't it? A kid with a gun? So, the Stoney Pass cavalrymen are set and a huge battle ensues. The cavalry wins, they drive the Injuns away, and then Albert wakes up so he and Laura can go to that damn party. And boy are they in for a surprise when they get there!

I'd say Michael Landon was taking a few hits off the peace pipe when he wrote this heap big mess! It's awful, it's stupid and it's BORING! So, so, BORING. My brain was going to sleep 10 minutes in. I remember once saying that "Divorce Walnut Grove Style" and "The Godsister" were this show's worst episodes. But with DWGS, at least they TRIED. It sucked, but they tried; "Godsister" has one redeeming quality: the Charles and Jonathan telephone pole subplot, the rest was crap. But "Halloween Dream" has no redeeming qualities at all! None! UNLESS you're having trouble sleeping. This episode will put you out faster than Ambien or NyQuil any day; To think, Michael Landon wrote AND directed this pile. What was he thinking? There was no effort put into this AT ALL. THIS is the WORST episode of Little House on the Prairie. It should never have been made, it's offensive, it's ridiculous, it's over-the-top, it's just BAD. Avoid it! Yet ANOTHER attempt at a funny episode that fell flat on its ass! You want funny Little House episodes, watch "Fred", "Alden's Dilemma", or "The Older Brothers"; You know, this episode should have starred Willie and Nellie, it would have been funnier, or better yet, if they wanted Laura, it should have been made in Season 2. This is Season 6. Laura is a little old for story lines like these. After all, she just met Almanzo and she's trying to be a teacher. Did Landon not want his Half Pint to grow up just yet? Anyway, "Halloween Dream" is crap. Pure and simple.
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One of the Worst Episodes of the Entire Show!!!
BatmanFunReviews10 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
On Halloween, Albert has a dream where he and Laura are kidnapped by a rogue Indian tribe after they are mistaken as members of a rival tribe. Little House on the Prairie was an intelligent Series with a lot of powerful messages about Love, Family and Friendship and the actors did a great job threw out that journey but unfortunately even some of the Best TV Shows ever made have Episodes that are simply meh and "The Halloween Dream" is one of them. How can i describe to you that this episode is simply retarded and weird? The fact that an Indian can't ride his horse and he chases both Laura and Albert on foot? Or that one Indian girl can't tell the difference between a girl and a boy? Laura is a perfect sniper for some reason and Albert is strapped on a Cross also last but not least Commander Kaiser was very annoying. This feels more like a parody of the 'Little House on the Prairie' with Comedians playing Indians that are way to stupid to understand anything that you tell them. Overall this is easily one of the worst episodes of the 6th Season and one of the Worst Episodes of this great Show. (0/10)
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