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Miss Canfield really smells good
pensman19 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't believe any boy could go to school without developing a crush on one of their pretty teachers; apparently the writers agree. On the way to school, Beaver wants to know from June when he will be grown up, he has a crush. Not on a cute little girl in his class like June envisions, it's Miss Canfield and he is gaga. Now his friends are claiming he's the teacher pet. If he isn't, then put a can of pop up snakes in her desk. A can he can't immediately retrieve.

At dinner, Ward is sounding Beaver out on what is keeping him after school. Nothing. Nothing from Wally either. Upstairs, Beaver tells Wally he put a snake in Miss Canfield's desk. Wally at first thinks it's a live snake Beaver put in the desk. Wally also says some of the kids are saying Beaver is the teacher's pet. Wally says he wouldn't think of liking his teacher. Of course not, Miss Canfield is much prettier than Mr. Blumgarten. Only thing to do is sneak into school and get the snake. But the boys don't know the custodian Mr. Johnson brought a friend with him, his dog, Alfred.

Mr. Johnson always leaves the door open when he goes for coffee; so, so far so good. But what is that rumbling? It's a dog and he isn't friendly. The boys go home and climb the trellis to get into their rooms but June discovers the fraud. When Ward gets upstairs, the boys are in bed. Ward figures the boys just snuck out, nothing to worry about.

Everyone is in class and how can Beaver get to that drawer. Maybe he can sneak in during lunch. No, Mrs. Rayburn catches him and takes him to the nurse. What to do to distract Miss Canfield? He tries pulling Judy's hair. That gets him a trip to the blackboard writing I will not pull Judy's hair.

When Beaver gets to the drawer, the snake is gone. Mrs. Canfield found it earlier. But why? Beaver explains about the teasing and she understands he likes her. No, Beaver likes her a whole lot, he even asked his mom if he was old enough to marry Miss Canfield. She is also pretty sure that Beaver will find a classmate he likes. He doesn't think so, none of the other girls smell as good as she does.

Ward thinks he should talk to the boys about sneaking out. Never mind, June fills him in as Miss Canfield called her. That night Beaver wants to know if Wally ever liked someone like Miss Canfield? Yes, Miss Hilldebrand. And did you ever get over her Beavers asks? No, I didn't replies Wally. Beaver confesses he doesn't think he will get over Miss Canfield.
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