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There were three endings.
nat_or_ron24 March 2007
Sorry, but you're mistaken. Actually, there were three endings.

So in fact..

This episode was actually good, but your network obviously missed out on something.

The original NBC network let users vote online considering the ending, and they showed the one with the most votes.

Guilty was 20%, (they thought it was rape). Innocent was 60%, (they thought it was consensual). Mis-trial was 20%, (they needed more information).

So just a little message to whoever-you-were, I'd just like you to give SVU another try, and I sincerely hope that you won't be disappointed. Although some episodes are better than others, if you had seen the ending of this episode, I'm certain that you would have had a different view on it.

No, they do not all end like this.

Once again, I sincerely hope that you give it another try. :)
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Interesting Episode
draconas26 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a fan of SVU for a long time, and have seen almost every episode out there. I thought that the idea behind this episode was very clever and original. The whole point of the ending being such a cliffhanger is that it is giving you an idea of how difficult it is decide on a conviction in a case like this. The idea is that the viewer is supposed to decide whether or not Ron is guilty.

Personally, I believe that the verdict should be not guilty. A person can only be found guilty BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. I agree that Casey's argument was a good one, and perhaps he did rape Myra. But as long as there is a POSSIBILITY that he didn't, the verdict should be not guilty.
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Unusual SVU ep
ukxenafan114 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't seen every episode of SVU, but this was a very unusual one in the way they ended it - basically not telling you the verdict in a rape case.

To be honest, the case as presented was very hard to decide on - again, usual on the show, but reflective of many real life cases I guess, where it is basically one person's word against another. I was suspicious of Billy Campbell as he always seems to play shifty characters these days, but the girl was also rather untrustworthy..hmm, who is telling the truth?

A really good Olivia ep - I adore Mariska!! Chris Meloni also does a great job.
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There wasn't 3 endings
swassbeard26 January 2008
You're mistaken, there only could be two possible outcomes. Guilty or Not Guilty. There is no way there could have been a mistrial.

At the end of the show, the judge asks if the jury has come to a decision. The foreman says yes and then says, "We find the defendant..."

...and then it ends. If there was a possibility of a mistrial, they would have written the ending differently.

As far as the online poll goes, I think it was completely accurate, but then again, that's for the viewer to decide.

Overall I think it was a great episode.

I'm sure there were many fans angry with the outcome.

I can honestly say that it was one of my first episodes, and I thought that if they all were like that, I wouldn't continue watching the show.

But twists like that is what keeps the show fresh and sets it apart from others.

You see this in movies more and more often. The movie isn't about finding a solution, but leaving the moral and ethical decisions up to the audience.
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this episode definitely makes my top ten for svu episodes
monkeybee72 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Wow...this is a creative look into a rape case where we gain understanding of how complicated it can be to uncover the truth of a situation. Billy Campbell and Shannyn Sossamon are excellent in this story of he said, she said. They both succeed in walking the line between victim and liar. After the sexual harassment claim she pulls on Stabler it takes away some of her credibility but it is still a hard call to make on who is telling the truth. Also, the revelation that Stabler's wife left him is a very unexpected addition into his character's story line. We so rarely get personal story lines from this show but this does open it up for the possibility of more. It'll be interesting to see where they take him from here. I would doubt they will do anything between him and Olivia but it does add an interesting dimension to their relationship.
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Amazingly Brilliant...!
Blue_Eyes_James29 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this in a re-run obviously, and I'm sorry the first reviewer had such a bad start watching L&O.

Unlike another L&O title I reviewed that had a plain bad ending, this one has no ending. Another reviewer said that NBC allowed people to vote but bottom line, it ends just before the guilty or not guilty is announced. YOU be the jury. That's what it was building up to for the entire episode.

For a moment I thought it was a two-parter, then quickly realized it wasn't. In the next two seconds I went from mad to amazed at how excellently they plotted this episode. We DO get too used to a tidy ending on TV. This way we get to decide. No one's going to jail here, they're fictional! So if we're wrong, no biggie!

I was in a "He said, she said" situation for real and the detective dropped the case for that very reason. It's eye-opening.
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johnsentina6 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I think this was a really good episode. I didn't know which side I was on. It shifted throughout the episode. One of the things I love about this show is that it doesn't always have a happy ending. The good guys doesn't always win. The guilty persons sometimes gets away with murder, and the endings always gets you thinking.

This episode was very well written. It portrayed both as victims, and you the viewer had to decide who to believe. At first I was shocked and disappointed with the ending. But after thinking more about it, I came to the conclusion that it could not have ended in any other way. The ending was a way of saying:" You, the viewer. You are the jury. What would you say? Guilty or not guilty" As for me, I still don't know what my decision would be.
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A Little Disappointed
PernRider48017 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I love SVU. I watch it almost daily, and record it on my DVR to watch later when I can't sit right down. I've made marathon days of almost nothing but SVU, in fact! So, when my friend and I sat down to watch this episode, we expected more of the usual: excellently portrayed characters, a wrenching case, a scumbag perp, and justice meted out at the end. Man, were we surprised! In fact, we just sat there for a minute with our mouths hanging open, waiting for someone to finish the sentence, "We find the defendant . . . " But the credits just rolled. What a shocker! I don't care for cliff-hangers anyway, and, since I know that this episode has not sequel, it can't even be called that! I'm disappointed! Personally, I think he's guilty, based in large part on Casey Novak's closing argument, among other things. But, I suppose it could have ended either way, really. Which is part of why this is definitely NOT one of my favorite episodes! But, I'll still keep watching SVU, every chance I get; and I'll still keep recording it, overloading my DVR!
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no spoilers no worries just info
vandergriff10624 May 2018
I thought this episode was great , The ending couldnt have ended any better than to give the audience the privelage of drawing their own conclusions. great job with this episode. very impressive, although i hear there were several different endings but the final ending was the right one for me.
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Not that great
gomenepriest4 April 2018
This social experiment was a bust. Now, when you watch the episode on TV, the ending of the show leaves an open ended verdict where we dont get to see what the jury decided.

As for the review that attacks the actress in her personal life, you are completely wrong. The entertainment industry has nothing to do with the fans. Plenty of actors and actresses who are hated still get work. It's about the casting directors who hire, not about the viewers. Nor can you claim to know anything about what these people go through. They are harassed beyond belief and in many cases they are openly assaulted and told they have to deal with it because they are celebrities. They are in no way obligated to put up with that and so are not obligated to stand around giving autographs or putting up with whatever fans do.
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jacksgill7 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This may contain spoilers

This was an amazing episode and it gave a very unique ending. I was a bit upset with the end result of not finding out but it at least means I get to decide the ending for myself. I honestly wouldn't mind if there were more episodes with this type of climax
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Interesting experiment, but ultimately it just doesn't work
Alexandra9 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This episode revolves around a simple question - who do you believe? Myra Denning claims that a teacher of hers, Ron Polikoff, has raped her. She's got the scars to support the claim, but Polikoff freely volunteers for a "suspect examination" and claims the two had consensual "bad sex," and that Myra demanded he hurt her.

There are a lot of patented 'Law & Order' twists and turns in the story, and it's engaging enough. At the beginning of the story, Benson sides with Myra while Stabler thinks Polikoff is telling the truth, but as it goes on, they each begin to have the titular doubts in what they believe.

There proves to at least be enough evidence to go to trial. Each side presents their case, and at the end, the jury as reached a verdict. But we don't get to know what it is. The jury foreman stops mid-sentence as the credits roll.

A few things - endings are good. We want closure. We want to know who was right. Yeah, it's cute and all to let the audience come up with their own ending, but in all frankness, what the hell do we know? Open endings are really hit-or-miss, and this was a miss. Second, the outcome of the trial should be obvious. The title of the episode gives it away. There is considerable doubt as to Polikoff's guilt, so given that the jury reached a verdict, they had to find him not guilty. A hung jury would have been a realistic ending, too (and a LOT more fulfilling on the viewer's end), but what we're given in the episode is that the jury did reach a verdict. Not a chance they convict him.

Points for innovation and taking a chance, but it really doesn't work.
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Very disappointing for a first time viewer
beachboundbabe049 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just started watching this show today and was somewhat disappointed when the first episode I set didn't record. The next one wasn't a bad one but this particular episode was a huge disappointment for me. Personally, I hate cliffhangers and I really hate them when you don't find out what happens. I sincerely hope the other episodes aren't like this one because after this one I was not willing to watch the show again. The last two episodes I watched, including this one both ended in cliffhangers but this was by far the worst disappointment I have ever seen in national television. I would really like to know how to find out what the verdict was. I could understand if it were explained in the next episode but it wasn't. What a disappointment.
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Really Good Episode
myspecialparadise15 July 2012
I gave this an 8 star rating due to its ending ... which basically made me quite angry, and ended my support of SVU. One expects a story to have a beginning, a middle, and an ending ... mess with the formula will cost you! I will say that I found Shannyn Sossamon to be quite the actor in this piece, unfortunately, I can't say as much about her work prior to this piece. Frankly, I don't particularly like anyone that acts as if they are some type of royal figure to be bowed to, especially as she usually has very little to offer a part other than her looks ... their is no meat to her performances ... just a great looking appetizer, per say, and you leave still hungry for something of substance. So many actors, today, really do not measure up to those of past decades. Actors of yesteryear would never deny giving an autograph, nor would they treat a fan as though they were beneath them ... because, without fans the actor would not survive in the entertainment world, not leave a store full of people thinking ... "What a B%T@H!" Ms. Sossamon could stand to take some lessons from someone like Jasmine Guy ... whom seems to always be a class act, and a descent actor / entertainer! (hugs & kisses, Jasmine!) LadyShalene
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